You Can Be Smarter Immediately: WealthEngine API for Real Time Intelligence

You Can Be Smarter Immediately: WealthEngine API for Real Time Intelligence

April 28, 2015

Customer intelligence can be the #1 differentiator – what sets you apart from competitors, what drives long-term brand loyalty. Now, consider it with real-time access. Bam!

Take this scenario: A customer purchases an item at your high-end retail store. You have their client record but you now use the WE API and immediately know their net worth, income, and real estate value. In a matter of seconds, you can start thinking about how to tailor your customer’s experience, deliver upgraded concierge services, and promote a premium line.

There are millions of transactions every day where the prospects ability to pay, donate, or invest can have a big impact on the marketing or customer management approach. Pretty much any big-ticket consumer purchase would fall into this bucket: car purchases, house purchases, vacations, luxury items, on and on. Broadly speaking, the WE API can play a valuable role by providing financial capacity insight into any of these transactions.

Developer implementation is easy. It’s a self-service process at launch.

  1. Go to
  2. Review our dynamic documentation
  3. See sample applications
  4. Sign up, test the API using dummy data via the sandbox
  5. Implement an application using the sandbox

At Launch

API delivers customer insights when any combination of Name and Address, Name and Email address or Name and Phone Number are provided in the API call.

What’s Coming

Enhanced insights will continually become available to develop more robust profiles and capabilities. A customer doesn’t need to reach out to a sales representative until they are ready to upgrade to a production API plan that will provide real WE data.

Start Now 

Anyone may register for the WE API, by clicking on “Register”


There will be a customer care or tech engineer on call for ongoing support.

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