Why Your Nonprofit Should Consider an Independent Audit to Improve Fundraising

Why Your Nonprofit Should Consider an Independent Audit to Improve Fundraising

May 1, 2017

You know the importance of improving fundraising operations, processes, and results. This includes any investment you’ve made in wealth screening and predictive modeling, since they’re only as good as your implementation after receiving the data.  So, let’s ask some questions and see if any of these might pertain to your current situation:

  • Are you nearing the end of your wealth intelligence contract? Do you know what steps are crucial for your ongoing success?
  • Are you concluding a multi-year engagement which included screening and predictive modeling and you’re wondering if you’re applying the insights correctly?
  • Are you struggling with making your grateful patient program as impactful as possible?
  • Do you have a particular pain point (or points!) and don’t know what to do next?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any – or several – of these questions, then you should consider bringing in independent counsel for a development audit.

This short, in-depth exercise can help pinpoint strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth in your fundraising operation, your use of wealth intelligence data and provide a roadmap of best practices and recommendations to move forward successfully. Bringing in an outside resource to conduct this audit also ensures you receive an impartial look at what your organization is working on and what can be improved. In essence, it’s getting someone else to ask the tough questions that you may not want to ask.

Once your organization has decided to undergo a development audit, look for a provider who can do a deep dive into your documentation, be present onsite to interview key stakeholders, and will provide a final, detailed written report and an overview presentation.

This kind of brief, affordable engagement can mean a world of difference in your fundraising operations and results.  And, it can fine tune your investment in wealth intelligence to ensure you aren’t just purchasing a product, but an authentic solution to meet your organization’s needs.

If you are interested in improving your fundraising operations by identifying any gaps you may have, contact us about a WE Quick Audit.

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