Why Wealth Screening Matters in Annual Giving

Retaining current donors, re-acquiring lapsed donors, and acquiring new donors at the right ask amounts is the name of the game in annual giving. The challenge is that the messaging and approaches that work best with one group are often very different from what will work well with another group. The key is to identify each donor’s primary interest area and capacity, and then deliver messages that connect with them at the right ask levels. Do this and prospects are much more likely to give. Push something else at them and they are far less likely to respond.

Unfortunately, most fundraisers blanket their prospects with non-specific messages in email blasts that often ask for amounts that have little relationship to capacity. Given the sheer volume of appeals, untangling what worked and what didn’t can often be a challenging process. Figuring this out involves accessing large amounts of data, often from different systems, and then scouring it, slicing and dicing it in different ways, to find patterns and trends and to get answers to key questions such as:

  • Which appeals and messaging have worked best to retain current donors? To re-acquire lapsed donors? To acquire new donors?
  • Are there segments of non-donors who are more likely to be acquired than others? What types of messages have had the highest yield with them?
  • Are we soliciting people at the right levels? How are we figuring out what the right level should be?
  • Are we getting 6 to 12 solicitation touches each year with our targets? Are we doing this with media type(s) that they are likely to respond to?

This webinar will be a practical tutorial on how to assess your annual giving program and why wealth screening should be key part of it.