Slice and Dice your Segments, Get Targeted Results

You’ve already heard the news: our entirely new platform, WealthEngine 9, launches in just weeks! In order to get you ready, we are hosting a series of webinars to build your knowledge of all the great features and benefits.

In this webinar about segmentation, you will:

  • Learn about three organizations who used WealthEngine to improve their campaign effectiveness leading to tangible ROI.
  • See how WealthEngine 9 can help you uncover new information about your target audience.
  • Walk through demos about screening, analyzing, new profiles, modeling, and scoring in relation to real case studies.

Join our webinar to see how you can segment your audience in WealthEngine 9 to make it easier than ever to connect the right people with the right request.

Get a complete picture faster with WealthEngine 9 – let us show you how!

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