Marketing Automation with WE: Using WealthEngine to Personalize Your Lead Nurturing

WE understand the hard work that goes into executing a marketing program – the segmentation, customization, continued nurturing, etc. Today, through marketing automation, many of these processes can be automated to improve efficiency and creates scalable solutions for your organization. 
When you incorporate WealthEngine’s unique wealth intelligence, consumer data, and analytics directly into your marketing automation, you can find rich audience insights, create look-alike modeling, and execute precision prospecting. Join us as we share: 
  • What marketing automation actually is 
  • The benefits of WealthEngine 
  • How WE can be incorporated into lead nurturing 
  • A walk through of some specific examples 
Listen as our experts discuss the seamless integration of WealthEngine with marketing automation platforms, allowing you to automatically append wealth and attribute data to your records in your leads database.