How to Track Down High Potential Clients in a Mountain of Data

You’ve got a mountain of data. How do you connect the dots to discover high potential clients and prospects? Attend this briefing to learn how to spot clients motivations and behaviors to personalize your campaigns. And with the recent landscape shift, it’s imperative for organizations to not only protect and enhance datasets, first-party data and consumer privacy, but work with third-party assets who do the same to thrive in these changing times.

Join us for an executive briefing and Q&A with WealthEngine’s Raj Khera, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer and Michelle Tilton, Infutor’s VP of Marketing, as they answer all of your questions around leveraging your customers data, third-party tracking and more.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for preventing data breakage, decay and future threats
  • How to find the hidden predictors that discovers your next best prospect and influence client behavior
  • How to turn unknown identities into known customers and donors with personalized inbound engagement in real-time