Find Insights Fast, Bring in The Bucks Faster

As you may have seen in our previous webinar on our upcoming WealthEngine 9.0 platform, we are bursting with excitement to share all the cool features with you, starting with our brand new Profiles!

With WealthEngine 9.0 Profiles, you’ll experience:

  • Robust summaries for each Profile, surfacing everything you care about at a glance. With rich summaries, you can now take action faster!
  • Capability to enhance a profile with attributes and information only YOU may know, then recalculate scores based on that knowledge. Our “Find More” feature can enrich a profile with just a click!
  • Better, faster performance resulting in improved load times and manipulation of results. Got millions of results? No problem, we can handle it.
  • Ability to tag and filter your audience according to tags YOU create. Want to mark people as “favorites?” Go for it!

Join our webinar to see how the Profiles in WealthEngine 9.0 will make it easier than ever to connect the right people with the right request.

Get a complete picture faster with 9.0 – let us show you how!