Best Practices in Prospect Management for Year-End Fundraising Efforts

As the end of summer draws near, your focus will shift to year-end fundraising and developing a solid strategy for having a strong finish to the year. Part of that plan should incorporate prospect management. While there may be different approaches for doing this, there are some best practices to consider. We want to help you with your year-end fundraising efforts so you finish strong and set yourself up for success in 2018.

Learn how to identify, segment, and engage top prospects who are conversion-ready. In this webinar, WE will cover how to:

  • Use WE data and your internal data to identify prospects who may be ripe for a year-end gift
  • Review portfolio activity and target those “high priority” prospects who have not yet been engaged
  • Tips for setting up portfolio review sessions with frontline fundraisers, offering insight and strategic recommendations
  • Ways to flag priority targets for the coming year


  • Anna Sheehan, Senior Product Specialist/Consultant, WealthEngine