Accessing Wealth Data in Real-Time Through an API: It’s Not as Difficult As You Might Think

What if you could look up wealth information about customers, donors and prospects in real-time for fundraising and marketing in a streamlined and automated way?

Every day, millions of transactions happen that depend on someone’s lifestyle habits or their capacity to donate, spend or invest. Understanding a prospect’s, donor’s, or customer’s wealth enables you to personalize your offers and calls to action across any channel – website, email, registration forms, call center routing, direct mail.

Join WealthEngine and Funraise as we show how the WE API can transform your engagement strategies and streamline your processes. We’ll discuss:

  • What an API is and how easy it is to add to your workflow
  • Our new Batch API and its benefits
  • How Funraise enables nonprofits to conduct real-time screenings
  • Casey Tantum, Senior Manager of Partner Support and Product Management, WealthEngine
  • TJ Stalcup, API Evangelist, WealthEngine
  • Jason Swenski, CTO and Co-Founder, Funraise