WealthEngine Launches On Demand Screening Solution for Websites

WealthEngine Launches On Demand Screening Solution for Websites

November 1, 2016

On Demand Screening gives fundraisers and marketers the ability to personalize outreach, qualify leads, and maximize opportunities by providing the wealth of individuals as they interact with an organization’s websites in real-time.

November 3, 2016 – Bethesda, MD – WealthEngine (WE), the leading provider of predictive marketing, analytics, and audience development services has launched a revolutionary new screening solution for websites called WE On Demand Screening. Organizations will now be able to instantly learn the wealth of their web visitors in real-time as they interact with their site.

WE On Demand Screening provides organizations with increased options to improve the quality of their sales, marketing, and fundraising efforts. When the solution is implemented into a website, the wealth data and other attributes about an individual are provided when that person inputs their information into online web forms such as registration, purchase, or donation forms.

With this data in hand, organizations can take action many different ways:

  • Instantly screen online visitors so you can immediately learn a visitor’s wealth. Find the hidden millionaires.
  • Automate and streamline lead scoring and outreach processes by using wealth data as a qualifier.
  • Personalize the experience of your prospects based on their wealth or other factors to maximize potential opportunities.

WealthEngine’s screening data is the result of 20+ years of experience in wealth intelligence. The On Demand Screening solution is an essential component of any organization’s marketing or fundraising toolkit. The new solution delivers an integration between an organization’s website and the WE platform to perform real-time wealth screenings.

“People more than ever are engaging with organizations and brands online,” said Mark Logan, CEO of WealthEngine. “With WE On Demand Screening, our clients can be sure that they are never missing an opportunity again. With this solution, we empower our clients with the real-time insights they need to maximize the potential of their high-capacity prospects and personalize their visitors’ experience along the way.”

We offer tailored solutions for both marketers and fundraisers. For more information on these offerings please visit our site:

 About WealthEngine
WealthEngine™, Inc. is the leading provider of predictive marketing analytics, audience development and wealth intelligence services to nonprofit organizations, financial services, and luxury brands. Recently named a Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing by Gartner, marketers and fundraisers use WealthEngine’s comprehensive insights to understand what drives consumer decisions and when best to engage them. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit wealthengine.com.

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