WealthEngine Introduces New Corporate Branding and Website

WealthEngine Introduces New Corporate Branding and Website

November 3, 2014

New name, branding, and website repositions company and conveys its core value proposition

WealthEngine, the leading provider of wealth intelligence, prospect research and marketing services for nonprofits, healthcare, education, luxury goods and financial services, announces its new corporate branding, including a new logo, website and product platform.

2014 has been a transformative year for WealthEngine (WE).  WE made significant changes to its leadership team, raised new funding, made investments in its FindWealth8 platform, and acquired new technology and expertise that will drive innovation in their 2015 roadmap and beyond.

WE’s rebranding represents a focus on people and partnership. Finding, understanding, and engaging people is at the center of what WE does and partnering with customers to maximize revenue, fundraising or investments is how we do it.  A new website has been rolled out as part of the rebranding (www.wealthengine.com) with a focus on targeting specific audiences with a simple and focused message.

“WE has introduced a lot of change this year across our team and our products.  WE is investing heavily in our leadership position in the non-profit market and using this expertise to branch out into new markets.  WE felt that all of this change “behind the scenes” warranted a new face…a more human face”, stated Mike Lees, CMO of WealthEngine “WE is in the people business and WE pride ourselves on partnering with our customers.  So, while we are not completely changing our company name, you’ll see a lot more WE and a lot less WealthEngine.  It’s an inclusive word, indicative of partnership and it gives us the opportunity to be creative in the use of grammar! WE likes to have fun!”

WealthEngine’s upcoming webinar on November 13, CEO Speaks: The WE Journey, will shed more light on WE’s new branding as well as share the company’s journey in 2014 and beyond. To hear more exciting insights from Tony Glowacki and Mike Lees, register here.

About WealthEngine (WE)
WealthEngineTM, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth intelligence and marketing services to nonprofit, luxury goods, retail, and financial organizations. The company’s unique data-driven approach to analytics, prospecting, and marketing has delivered actionable strategies and measurable results to more than four thousand clients. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit http://www.wealthengine.com.

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Maggie Fairs / Claire Shutt, Peppercomm for WealthEngine
wealthengine@peppercomm.com | +1.212.931.6156 | +1.212.931.6148

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