Why Blackbaud Clients Switch Back to WealthEngine

Why Blackbaud Clients Switch Back to WealthEngine

June 3, 2019
Sharanya Venkatesh

WealthEngine is an all-inclusive platform that allows clients to search, screen, analyze, model, and look for new prospects. With 20+ years in the industry, WealthEngine combines data accuracy with convenience. Blackbaud may seem cost-effective. However, it hasn’t proven to be beneficial for clients in the long run.

In fact, a client who switched back to WealthEngine recently talked to us about their experience. They found that Blackbaud’s breadth of data and accuracy were lacking. Blackbaud’s “free” version was not sufficient for their needs. They observed that most university advancement teams, like themselves, would ultimately need to upgrade to use Blackbaud’s services.

This university switched back because WealthEngine simply offered better quality for better value.

The WealthEngine Advantage

We provide clients with the following advantages over Blackbaud.

Superior Search Capabilities

WealthEngine’s nationwide search means that you always have a holistic picture of your donors and prospects. For instance, by simply searching a donor’s last name into the search tool, you can see all addresses linked to them. With Blackbaud, you need to search by first name, last name, and location. The results will be limited to the location you use in your search.

Best Suite of Scores

Our Propensity to Give or P2G score allows you to easily rank and segment prospects. Blackbaud generates its scores from hard assets. This means that if a high-quality prospect does not own property or the property is not under their name, you will end up overlooking them.

With WealthEngine’s ratings and scores, you can understand not only gift capacity but also propensity and intent. Our scores are built from Net Worth, Cash on Hand, Estimated Gift Capacity, Inclination/Affiliation, etc. Therefore, these scores provide a more cohesive picture of your prospects.

Moreover, WealthEngine9 or We9 will give you the ability to take screening and prospecting to the next level. Your visual dashboard can keep you updated on the overall gift-capacity changes of your entire donor base. Explore We9.

Robust and Accurate Data Profiles

WealthEngine uses 45+ data sources, covering 240M U.S. individuals. Blackbaud, on the other hand, gets data from 10-12 sources. We provide you with greater coverage and more accurate data and pro­files. Our match and link rates are also notably higher.

The Director of Prospect Research at an American university noted the difference in head-to-head comparisons. WealthEngine had a 50% higher match rate in comparison to Blackbaud. Moreover, WealthEngine had 4x as many data sources.

APIs to Identify Major Donor Prospects that Give Online

Do you ever wonder if an online donor has capacity or propensity to give at a higher level?  Wealth Engine can link your donation page to an automatic Wealth Engine screening service. This way a major gift officer is automatically notified if a low-level donor has major giving potential.  You can then identify a first time, $50 online donor as a major gift prospect rather than assume that they belong in the annual fund pool.

Modeling and Analytics

With WE Analyze, WealthEngine provides clients with the ability to learn key insights within seconds. Our modeling capabilities take analytics a step further. Insights go from descriptive to predictive with custom models. On the contrary, Blackbaud lacks a self-service modeling and analytics solution.

Find Prospects that Look Like your Top Donors

With WE Prospect, you can find prospects that aren’t in your database. These new prospects either look like your top donors or embody attributes that are important to you. Attributes such as high capacity and propensity to give, geographic location, lifestyle and interests that are common among your top donors can serve as benchmarks.  With over 1,500 attributes to query on and over 240M profiles to choose from, it’s a great way to find new prospects.

Focused on Wealth Intelligence Not CRM Software

At WealthEngine our focus is providing you with the best data possible to fuel your fundraising. We are a data and analytics company, that is what we know. Blackbaud is a software company that prioritizes its CRM.

Seamless Interface

WealthEngine is a cohesive platform that can guide advancement professionals through the donor journey. You can search, screen, and prospect all within the same interface. Additionally, you can access your results from all stages of the journey within the platform.

Further, you can use insights found in one stage to fuel the next.


WealthEngine vs. Blackbaud- Comparative Analysis

The chart below shows you areas where WealthEngine can provide an advantage over Blackbaud.

What Clients Who Switched Back Have to Say

Nonprofit Association

Our client, a national armed forces association, has explained their reasons for switching back. Their research team needed to manually validate data. While they used ResearchPoint and Raiser’s Edge, they found that ratings were not up to par.

From a team workflow standpoint, their team lost efficiency as lists were not shareable using Blackbaud services. When creating a list, team members weren’t able to see the same list, so this meant a duplication of effort.

Higher Education Institution

Another client, a well-known, southern university found Blackbaud products to be “finicky”.

Overall, they felt that the system was not user-friendly. This was mainly because there was no seamless integration of products. Further, when problems arose due to incompatibility, customer service was unable to help.

Additionally, they were dissatisfied with ratings and found that their team had to validate scores from other sources.

WealthEngine + Blackbaud CRM

If you are already operating in Blackbaud CRM, you can enhance your experience by integrating WealthEngine data.

WealthEngine can enrich your profiles with hundreds of additional data points. These data points can generate actionable insights. Further, you could increase match rates and the accuracy of your ratings by appending reliable data from WealthEngine.

Learn more about integrating WealthEngine into Raiser’s Edge.

Learn More About What You Can Gain from Switching Back

Interested in understanding how switching back can save you time and effort? Fill the form on the right and a WealthEngine rep will contact you soon.

Transform Your Fundraising: Get a Demo of WealthEngine9

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The solution can help you get in front of the right people faster. With greater efficiency, you will save time and money.

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