WE Have a Batch API. And You Should Care.

At WealthEngine we are always looking for ways to make improvements and enhancements that increase ease and productivity for our clients. We recently launched our batch API. To explain why this is a big deal, we spoke with our API Evangelist TJ Stalcup.

Can you start by explaining what an API is?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Sounds technical right? Here’s an example to help explain it. Think of a mobile or web application like Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook. These applications are powered by data so you need a way to get data to and from the app. In order to talk to a database there needs to be a programmatic way to communicate with that database or interface with that data. That’s what an API does – it’s a programming interface for an application.

WealthEngine currently has an API. What is the difference between the current one and the new batch API?

Our current API looks up individuals, or makes a call, one at a time. For many of our clients this works because they are integrated into an existing communication method such as a donation form, event registration, or contact form. When the form is filled out and submitted, a call is made to the API with that individual’s information and the results, the wealth profile, are returned.

That’s great if you’re only looking up individuals one at a time. But what if you have a large list? That’s where the batch API comes into play. Now, you can batch up to 100 names at a time. Instead of making 100 calls, you’re only making one. Have 1,000 names? You’re now only making 10 API calls instead of 1,000.

And let’s not forget that this all happens within seconds. Whether you make one call or 100 calls, the results are returned almost instantly, allowing you to take action quickly. Gain real-time intelligence to personalize the customer or donor experience across any channel – website and email newsletter registration, event registration, online transactions, call center routing, direct mail, and more.

Many WealthEngine clients use batch screening. What is the different between batch screening and batch API?

A batch screening may not be submitted with the same frequency. It could be a weekly, monthly, or yearly screening. A client could be conducting a one-time screening in preparation for a capital campaign or large marketing campaign.

The batch API, as well as our current API, speaks to the real-time aspect I mentioned previously. Now, you can take action on a larger group of individuals very quickly using the API. The API also allows for an automated and streamlined processes to be put in place.

What else makes the batch API so important?

I’m glad you asked. One of the most exciting and unique aspects of the batch API, and what really sets it apart from other APIs, is that you can now submit the information you know about an individual and we’ll figure out which data points are needed for a match.

With the current API there are five lookups to know. Look someone up by name and address, name and email, email, name and phone number, or phone number. If no match is returned when calling by name and address, clients often try by name and email. If no match is returned here either, they will try using just email, and so on. Five calls have just been made. That’s a lot of code to write.

What if you didn’t have to make five separate calls and could just make one? That’s the batch API. Submit all of the information you have and we’ll decide what’s needed to make a match.

Even if you’re only looking to submit one name at a time, you may want to consider the batch API for those reasons. Make one call with all of the information you have on someone, instead of making multiple calls for one name.

To summarize, the key components of the WealthEngine batch API are having the ability to submit batches of 100 individuals in one call and being able to submit all of the information you have on that individual, and we’ll determine what’s needed in order to find a match.

The WealthEngine API helps you better understand your prospects’ wealth so you can customize the prospect experience, personalizing your offers and calls to action.

To learn more about the WealthEngine batch API and register for the sandbox visit dev.wealthengine.com. Once registered, you can make API calls directly from our documentation, and signup for a $100 Free Trial to work with real data!

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