WE Engage Delivers New Prospecting Solution to Luxury Marketers

WE Engage Delivers New Prospecting Solution to Luxury Marketers

April 30, 2014

New Solution Focuses on Personalizing Client Experiences and Driving Long Term Engagement

WealthEngine, the leading provider of marketing intelligence and prospect research solutions, released its new solution, WE EngageSM, to further drive marketing ROI for their luxury clients.  WE Engage enables marketers to better understand their existing customers, develop a data-driven approach to identifying new look alike prospects and target them effectively through high response email campaigns.

As the luxury landscape becomes more complex and competitive, WealthEngine recognized the critical need for marketers to fill their marketing funnel with highly targeted leads that are driven from a deep understanding of their existing customers.   With WE Engage marketers can rapidly adopt a data-driven approach to understanding their customers’ wealth, behavior and lifestyles, and utilize those insights to  identify high potential new prospects.  This is a concept that WealthEngine refers to as ‘Concierge Marketing’.

“Our concept of ‘Concierge Marketing’ originates from the need to deviate from traditional mass outreach and transition to engaging audiences in a more targeted, personalized manner,” says Mike Lees, Chief Marketing Officer at WealthEngine. “While 96% of affluent consumers report that they are being mis-targeted by luxury brands, 75% prefer that marketers use personal info to improve their experience. The opportunity is evident yet many marketers are intimidated by big data strategies or simply don’t have the budget to support them. “WealthEngine created a strategic solution that is affordable, easy to execute, and empowers marketers to achieve ROI and top-of-the funnel effectiveness.”

WE Engage is already delivering results at innovative organizations such as The Leading Hotels of the World and Butterfield and Robinson. “The luxury experience for the customer begins earlier – with the marketing.  So we’re now practicing a more personalized, more individual outreach.  Competition in the luxury travel space is fierce.  Those who are personalizing more, interacting more, delivering more and really know their customers and prospects are going to be the winners”, says Benjamin Collier, Senior Director for Brand Marketing, Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. Collier believes the investment in data, analytics and prospecting he has initiated with WealthEngine is just the beginning.  “The value of knowing more is frankly, invaluable,” he explains.  “And for us it will be an ongoing process.”

WE Engage includes Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages with prices, starting at $10,000. For more information on WE Engage and client case studies, please visit www.wealthengine.com.

About WealthEngine

WealthEngine, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth intelligence and marketing services to nonprofit, luxury goods, retail, and financial organizations. The company’s unique data-driven approach to analytics, prospecting, and marketing has delivered actionable strategies and measurable results to more than four thousand clients. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, WealthEngine serves both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Media Contact:

Mitchell Schwenz / Claire Shutt
Peppercomm for WealthEngine
wealthengine@peppercomm.com  | +1.212.931.6156 |  +1.212.931.6148

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