4 Ways to Prospect That Will Enhance Your Outreach

4 Ways to Prospect That Will Enhance Your Outreach

March 26, 2020

Using wealth and lifestyle insights along with predictive analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of your current and prospective donors and customers. Our rich data can help you personalize your outreach and improve your sales, marketing, and fundraising efficiency. Here are 4 ways to prospect that will benefit your everyday processes:

1. Use Look-Alike Models to Help Your Staff Understand Your Existing Customers or Donors Better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to better to gain a holistic understanding of your audience with a 360-degree view of their wealth, lifestyle, demographics, and contact information? That’s where wealth models come in.

A model is a custom algorithm designed to uncover what makes your top donors or customers unique. Using a wealth model, you can pick up on the commonalities and characteristics that make your donors unique. There are two ways to prospect with custom algorithms: through descriptive models or predictive models. In the case of wanting to gain a clearer impression of the characteristics of your top donors or customers, descriptive models allow us to take data you already possess and show you commonalities and unique qualities of your donors or customers.

But let’s take this a step further. Using a look-alike model (which would be considered descriptive), you can pinpoint individuals who display similar characteristics to your best donors or customers. This could be based on factors like giving capacity and demographic and lifestyle data. This can help you identify prospects, both within and outside your existing base, who resemble the donors from your chosen segment of ideal existing donors.

2. Screen Your Database to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Outreach Efforts

Our solutions help you segment our those who have the greatest capacity and propensity to spend or give at your company or organization. This leads us to our second effective way to prospect: wealth screenings.

A wealth screening is the process of attributing wealth-related information to a list of your contacts. In doing so, you gain a greater understanding of their propensity and capacity to give or spend. So, when you append your list of customers or donors with traits related to wealth, you’ll be able to gain a greater sense of who to reach out to.

You can also do this by leveraging WE Analyze. Using Analyze, you can evaluate screening data on your existing customers and donors. This gives you a clearer picture of their distinct characteristics and traits. This will help you easily visualize who your loyal constituents are; help you learn more about them; and create a buyer or donor persona. This will help you identify prospects who would be likely to give to your organization.

In short: wealth screenings provide you with additional information about an individual’s wealth. So, besides gaining a greater understanding of a person’s income, you can also gain insights into their interests, real estate holdings, estimated giving capacity, and giving history. All of these traits give you a better impression of which prospects to pursue. This will further enable you to target the right people with the right ask at the right time.

3. Leverage Predictive Models to Gain Deeper Insights into what makes your audience tick.

Another incredibly beneficial way to prospect is by leveraging predictive models. These models can help you uncover top donors or customers just like your best. This will allow you to personalize your messaging ensuring your communications are resonating with your audience and increasing the effectiveness of your outreach.

Unlike descriptive models (models created using your existing data), predictive models are custom algorithms created by the WealthEngine data science team. With these unique, tailored algorithms, we can predict who is most likely to give or spend to your organization specifically.

So, let’s say (once you’ve used a descriptive model) that you find that your top donors or customers are men over the age of 50 who own two pets. That’s what your best constituents look like. After gaining these insights, you can use a predictive model to find constituents who best match this persona. This can come from within your database or within our prospecting database. So, you can gain greater insights about the interests of your audience and determine which net new prospects would be most likely to give or spend with you.

4. Segment Your Database to Improve your Sales and Marketing Efforts.

Our rich data provides what you need to confidently and effectively segment prospects and personalize outreach. So, once you’ve conducted a screening, you can divide your audience based on different attributes. This can be based on demographic traits or their propensity or capacity to give or spend.  So, by bucketing your donors based on their commonalities, you can figure out effective ways to engage them. In short, this will increase the efficiency of the department and streamline your processes. Additionally, it will help you build pipeline and close deals or gifts quicker.

The Best Way to Boost Your Prospecting Efforts?

Test drive WealthEngine to find your next best prospect! Discover their Propensity to Give (P2G), Estimated Giving Capacity, Connections, and more.

Take advantage of these simple solutions to drive sales or donations. Why continue doing the same things over and over expecting a different result? Instead, take this opportunity for a fresh start and a renewed approach to fundraising, sales, and marketing success.

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