Understanding WE Analyze to Learn What Makes Your Prospects Tick

Understanding WE Analyze to Learn What Makes Your Prospects Tick

July 24, 2019

WE Analyze allows you to harness the power of WealthEngine’s data and modeling capabilities to transform your decision making. This tool helps you gain insight into your audiences and find prospects just like your best customers and donors. But, how does it work? What does it provide? And how can you use it to create a loyal base? Let’s dig into the details so you can gain a better understanding of WE Analyze.

Understanding WE Analyze: The Ins and Outs

Before using the tool, it’s important to gain an understanding of WE Analyze. The WE Analyze tool allows you to create a ‘look-alike’ model so you can find your best prospects. Essentially, WE Analyze helps you identify elements of your past successes and helps you replicate the process. So, instead of sending generalized email or direct mail campaigns to prospects you can gauge their interest to see what resonates with them. You can use the solution to find people with the same characteristics as your best donors or customers. When you talk to people who are similar to those who have responded before, your conversion rate increases.

Find your next best prospect today. Follow these three steps to make the best of WE Analyze:

1. Upload a list of your best customers or donors

When uploading a list, all you need to do is load a list of names of your best customers and donors, along with their corresponding address or email.

2. Generate a ‘look-alike’ model

Once you’ve logged in the names you’d like compiled in your list, WE Analyze then maps your list utilizing thousands of attributes on nearly every adult in the US. This provides you with a holistic view that includes insights on demographics, lifestyle, wealth, and more.

3. Use the model to personalize your outreach

Now that you have your model, you have a better understanding of how to interact with your top prospects. What does your audience care about? What motivates them to act? This lays the foundation for you to personalize your outreach and appeal to donors and customers in ways that are more aligned with their needs.

Using WE Analyze, not only are you given the insights on which prospects will convert, but it also gives you insights on why they will convert. Let’s take a look at some of the features to keep your eyes on as you navigate the tool.

Understanding WE Analyze Through Helpful Dashboards

Another key step in understanding WE Analyze is grasping the function behind the unique dashboards. In the Analyze tool, there are dashboards to help you learn more about specific groups of individuals from your list. These dashboards help inform your strategy, decision making, and event planning. So, you may be wondering: what are some of the dashboards in the tool? Let’s explore the various dashboards you can use:

Wealth Dashboards

The wealth dashboard contains a collection of charts that break down your lists of customers by net worth, investable assets, types of investors, and more.

Based on the information gathered here, you gain a greater sense of what’s most appealing to different people.  This helps you assess what, in your particular set of offerings, will appeal most to specific groups. So, it’s important to ask yourself: What type of products, investments, and services do we offer that’ll be most appealing to this, specific group? Would they respond well to a mass email campaign or a direct mail campaign?

Giving Dashboards

The giving dashboard is geared toward nonprofit organizations. This dashboard breaks down Propensity to Give (P2G) scores, giving capacity scores, and visual overviews. P2G scores (measured on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 representing the highest ability or propensity to give), allow you to understand the giving behaviors of existing and prospective donors. This will help you develop a strategy to appeal to top donors.

Therefore, the information provided in this dashboard enables you to create realistic fundraising plans for your next campaign.

Demographic Dashboards

The demographic dashboard provides an overview of the genders, age ranges, education levels, and geographic location of your existing database. So, the information compiled in this dashboard informs annual fund appeals. It also informs marketing campaigns because you gain a greater understanding of the groups you’re appealing to.

Modeling Scores: What They Measure and How They’re Used

The last step in understanding WE Analyze? Creating models of your best donors and customers, so you can find prospects just like your top contacts. After you’ve analyzed your list, you can now prioritize identifying the overlapping characteristics and qualities among them. This method of modeling can help you identify what qualities your ideal prospects would have. Those people, who look similar to your loyal consumers, are your best prospects. So, how can you measure which new prospects are a “good” match? In other words: what is a “good” model score?

Model scores exist on a scale of 1 to 100 (1 being the least similar, and 100 being the most similar).  In general, scores at 60 or above are ideal. These scores indicate that the prospects you’re looking have the most similarities to your existing donors or customers. For example, if 10% of people scored 80 or above in your model, this shows that this group of people are just as likely as your existing clients to give or spend.

Furthermore, model scores between 50 and 59 are considered decent, where prospects hold some similarities with individuals you’re modeling after. But, the lower the score, the less likely those prospects are to resemble people you’ve modeled after.

Customers Who Have Benefitted From Understanding WE Analyze

One of WealthEngine’s clients, The Humane Society (the largest animal welfare organization in the US), wanted to identify more supporters for their cause. They wanted to not only bring in more donors but also deepen donor involvement.

Using WE Analyze, The Humane Society was able to create models for the major gifts program and their mid-level program. By doing this, they were able to identify valuable prospects to connect with, as well as segment and optimize their fundraising practices. Additionally, after using the tool, they saw a 20% increase in mid-level appeal programs.

Understand and Make the Most of WE Analyze On the New WealthEngine9 Platform

WealthEngine9 or WE9, our newest release, is transforming the nonprofit and commercial prospecting landscape. Explore how our Engagement Science™ speeds up the way you screen, analyze, find insights, and predict outcomes through modeling.

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