Khris Fenton

VP, Sales Development and Partnerships

When Khris was in the 5th grade, he realized he could make a profit by selling candy to my classmates by undercutting the school vending machine – and he was sold.

Since then, he has been focused on finding win-win outcomes for his customers and putting their goals first. Sales has been (and likely always will) be his job, and he’s on a crusade to change the pre-conceived notions that people have of salespeople.

As his career has matured into selling to large companies, he has become fascinated with learning about how different businesses thrive (or survive) – so that he can not only help his clients investigate business cases/concepts, but also use his learnings as a future founder.

On the personal side, he’s a lifelong fan of underperforming playoff teams (Atlanta Braves, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Capitals), the dad of a Golden Retriever named Chipper, and husband to an amazing wife. He prides himself on being transparent, (brutally and tactfully) honest, and logical.