Take Personalization Beyond Email

Take Personalization Beyond Email

Personalization in email marketing, and the positive ROI that can result, is frequently discussed. It’s been proven that personalized emails result in 6x higher transaction rates. However, personalization should not stop at email marketing. Emails are just one component of the whole customer experience.

Real-time personalization across all channels is key. The speed at which you can customize your  messages and offerings to your customers can dramatically impact your revenue, boosting total sales by 15 to 20 percent.

Imagine instantly knowing key demographic and wealth information of an individual who calls into your customer service department. Within seconds your representative would be able to determine what approach to take with the customer and who to route them to, whether it is rolling out the red carpet, inviting them to a preferred customer program, or pointing them to goods and services that match the individual’s spending capacity.

You could also utilize this consumer information to tailor and enhance a hotel guest’s experience upon check-in. For example – upgrade their room to a suite or sign them up for a guest experience that closely aligns with their interests and wealth bracket. The personalization shouldn’t stop once your guest checks out. You should send emails with specific packages that would appeal to their interests and lifestyle, or ask them to sign up for a rewards program.  

While the majority of marketers agree that personalization has improved their customer experience, only a little more than half believe they are doing it correctly. If you’re not building personalization into your marketing and sales strategies, you are missing out on revenue opportunities.

Take the time now to gather your company’s stakeholders and discuss the need for personalization in the customer experience. By making it a priority, you will better understand your customers, which will result in increased brand loyalty and higher lifetime customer value.

To hear more about personalization join WealthEngine at the Marketing Analytics Conference on Monday, June 5 for a session on The Promise of Personalization – Two Approaches in Conversation.     

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