About Young Life

Young Life, based in Colorado and established in 1941, works with youth to establish and grow their faith. The organization reaches around 2M adolescents each year, both in the United States and around the world.



Young Life secures multiple large gifts by using WealthEngine’s estimated giving capacity to better define ask amounts.

The Client
Young Life, based in Colorado and established in 1941, works with youth to establish and grow their faith. The organization reaches around 2M adolescents each year, both in the United States and around the world.

One of Young Life’s crowning achievements is their camping program. Each year, nearly 300,000 kids have the opportunity to participate in various adventures, stay at resort-quality facilities, and engage with mentors who assist them with a feeling of belonging, direction and adventure.

The Challenge
With a database of 3M constituents, Young Life needed a better way to segment and identify individuals to target for major giving. Additionally, the organization struggled with determining the right ask amounts because they were missing key information like estimated giving capacity. Besides raising funds for their camps, Young Life continues to raise money for various projects and ministries across the country and around the world.

With so many projects, Young Life realized they needed to improve their targeting capabilities since their database consists of individuals who have given for many years, those who recently stopped giving, and those who have been involved in the organization, but have yet to make a gift.

The Solution
Young Life has had access to the WealthEngine Platform for several years but was not using it to its full potential. Knowing the platform would add great value in their fundraising effectiveness, they were able to secure additional user licenses. In 2016, Tommy Batts joined Young Life as a Development Associate with the responsibility of managing the WealthEngine Platform for his team and becoming the go-to expert. Previously, prospect research was a more time-consuming effort and the role was spread across more staff members within the organization.

Tommy uses WE Search to compile missing constituent information, specifically focusing on a prospect or donor’s giving capacity. Young Life also utilizes WE Screen. Because of the large number of constituent records, they conduct screenings weekly, and sometimes on a daily basis, of lists of several thousand names.

Young Life has greatly benefited from using WealthEngine. They have specifically found it invaluable in helping to identify individuals who have fallen through the cracks because they have stopped giving or have been giving but not at the capacity they could be. They have also greatly improved their ask amounts because they now have a better sense of an individual’s estimated giving capacity.

This has directly resulted in Young Life securing a significantly large gift. The organization already had a long-standing relationship with this individual, but because of WealthEngine, they knew the capacity was there and were able to ask for a much larger amount than originally intended.

“It means a lot to us to be able to provide this information,” says Tommy. “To see these names come back with these large gifts affirms the fact we are doing good work and supporting the field and helping them do their job well by raising money for the mission and impacting the lives of kids.”

Next Steps
Young Life is in the process of improving their CRM platform. They intend to utilize WealthEngine’s integration to seamlessly pull in the WE data to their constituent records. The organization is confident they will continue building their donor base through WE information and relationships.

“WealthEngine has been really helpful for us, and everyone in our department sees the benefit of it,” says Tommy. “As a large organization, being able to run thousands of names and pinpoint a financial analysis of each one of those individuals makes our jobs a lot easier. For us to do that work for them is a huge benefit for furthering our organization and our mission. It’s been a huge benefit for us and there are many opportunities to continue to grow and learn.”