About Turning Point Ministries

Turning Point Ministries was founded in 1982 as the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. Three decades later, with a multimedia network featuring radio, television, and online programming, magazines, and books, Turning Point reaches tens of millions of people around the globe with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. With the potential reach of 480 million listeners, Dr. Jeremiah’s radio messages air thousands of times each day, inspiring and equipping the body of Christ around the globe. And Momento Decisivo, the ministry’s Spanish-language outreach, is aired more than 800 times a day on nearly 600 radio stations in every Spanish-speaking country in Central and South America. With its largest audience to date, Turning Point Television reaches a potential 2.7 billion households worldwide.

Turning Point is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization wholly supported by its patrons and not underwritten by any church or organization.



ROI, Screening

Turning Point Ministries partners with WealthEngine to reframe thinking about fundraising and double mid-level donors.

Turning Point Ministries, founded in 1982, is a nonprofit organization supported by its patrons and located in San Diego, CA. Turning Point has a global audience reached through its network, featuring television, radio, online programming, magazines, and books.

The Challenge
Turning Point has a database of 2.6 million individuals and adds 150K – 250K names each year. Brian Bishop, Director of Development at Turning Point Ministries, has a 25 person team which consists of three major donor officers, with the rest serving as support or on the phone. 15 of them focus on mid-level donors, defined as those who give $1K -$5K within a twelve month period. Brian’s team is responsible for 7K donors who make up 15% of Turning Point’s transactions.

When Brian Bishop joined Turning Point Ministries in 2014 as Director of Development, he conducted interviews with a group of prospects to gain insight into how Turning Point engaged potential donors. He found that many were displeased with the idea of prospecting. In addition, he also learned that their processes were rather inefficient. Turning Point had simply relied on capacity which resulted in unhappy prospects, less donations, and was an inefficient use of the team’s time.

With such a large database and the continual addition of new names, Turning Point Ministries was looking to:

  • Transition to research-driven prospecting
  • Better segment their database
  • Determine who to cultivate for major giving

The Solution
Turning Point Ministries worked with WealthEngine to conduct a screening of their donor database. They also gained access to the WealthEngine platform, using the WE Search product for looking up individual names and Express Screening for continued frequent screenings.

All of this has made WealthEngine one of the top tools in the Turning Point Ministries tool belt, allowing them to become much more research driven. Brian and his team now start with WealthEngine when gathering more information and researching an individual. Now, they have the WHY to support any segmentation of their database. “We trust WealthEngine,” said Brian. “It’s allowed us to shift from relying solely on capacity-driven prospecting to become much more inclination-driven.”

WealthEngine helped Turning Point Ministries reframe their mentality around prospecting, cultivation, segmentation, and stewardship. Because of the large database screening, Turning Point segmented their database into prospects who had not only the capacity to give, but also the inclination. With Express Screening, Turning Point conducts daily screenings of anyone who donates. Using WE Search, Brian’s prospect researcher builds detailed profiles of donors and passes them along to Brian for proper stewardship. Detailed profiles are also given to the major gift officers so they are fully equipped and informed before any meetings.

Turning Point Ministries also:

  • Doubled their mid-level revenue without doubling the number of donors
  • Doubled the development team size
  • Improved stewardship by decreasing response times once a donation is made
  • Put processes in place so watch lists are populated based on WealthEngine criteria and gift level
  • Strengthened their portfolio foundations

Using WealthEngine also ensures that Brian and his team do not overlook any valuable prospects. “Unless you’re paying attention and using a tool like WealthEngine, you’re going to miss people.”

Next Steps
Turning Point Ministries will be conducting another database screening this summer since a few years have passed since the previous one. Brian plans to hire more prospect researchers to aid in validating the results. The results of this screening will be used not only by Development, but also by the Marketing and Creative Team. They will use the file to determine what message should be used on each channel – direct mail, television, radio, etc. According to Brian, “we couldn’t do what we do with the new segment of the file without WealthEngine.”