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We’re committed to delivering the best wealth intelligence on the market, and we partner with companies that make it easier for us to do it. Our approach is simple, really – it’s an open market. We know our clients get better experiences when they can choose solution and service providers focused on their business goals. WE partners with leading firms across many industries – technology, consulting, and marketing. We’ve joined forces with everyone from the top-ranked CRM providers to the best non-profit consultants. No doubt – WE has a partnership program made just for you.

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I support seven development officers, and I want them to have accurate wealth information when and where they need it, as timing is everything in fundraising. All of our development staff have access to FindWealth and use it as their primary prospect research tool.

“We use the WealthEngine scores and ratings, primarily Propensity to Give (P2G) and Estimated Giving Capacity, to provide a high level overview of an individual we’re researching. The P2G score is a great identifier that directs us as to which individuals to look at first.”

"We are able to provide our affiliate organizations and hospitals with immediate and direct access to quality, actionable data, thanks to the screening data we integrated from WealthEngine."

“We see the value of maximizing the screening data to help us focus on building the right relationships and make targeted asks throughout the year. We have created a development strategy to make that happen and are eager to get started.”

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