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We’re committed to delivering the best wealth intelligence on the market, and we partner with companies that make it easier for us to do it. Our approach is simple, really – it’s an open market. We know our clients get better experiences when they can choose solution and service providers focused on their business goals. WE partners with leading firms across many industries – technology, consulting, and marketing. We’ve joined forces with everyone from the top-ranked CRM providers to the best non-profit consultants. No doubt – WE has a partnership program made just for you.


Association Partners

By creating a strategic partnerships with your association we engage your members and educate them on the effective use of market segmentation. Our products and services allow your members to use data-driven approaches to help them find, understand and connect with their perfect clientele.

Consultant Partners

Our partnerships make it easy for clients to leverage the services they need for fundraising. WE offers a free license to the industry’s top service providers, and the leading nonprofit and fundraising consultants.


Technology Integration Partners

Our clients typically manage their donor and prospect data in one of many DMS/CRM systems, and those don’t always work well together. So WE works with the leading technology companies to form partnerships that can integrate those systems.

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