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Do you really know your customers? Their net worth, income or investable assets? When these things change, will you know? How much of their net worth are you managing? WE knows this, and more. WE has data on the net worth, investable assets, income, lifestyle and interests of over 120 million households in the US. And, we know how to contact the ones you haven’t. So whether you’re sifting through existing clients, or looking for new ones, WE can help you grow your business. With the power of the WealthEngine Platform, you can: Get a list of prospects matching the wealth and lifestyle characteristics of your best customers; Get your prospect list scored for net worth, investable assets and income; Find out who your current clients know to get referrals


Wealth Intelligence & Prospecting

Research, screening and analytics services help you uncover the potential in your existing customer base, focusing upsell efforts on customers with the propensity to spend more.

Predictive Analytics

Use predictive analytics to understand what your best customers have in common and find new customers and prospects just like them!


Digital Audience Development

On Demand Screening is a solution that integrates your web forms with the WealthEngine platform to instantly screen your online visitors as they interact with your site.

On Demand Screening

On Demand Screening is a solution that integrates your registration or purchase processes with the WealthEngine platform to instantly screen your prospects as they interact with your site.


Solutions to Fit Your Organization's Needs

WealthEngine’s Wealth Management solution has been designed to fit the needs of Financial Services organization. Find and qualify new customers, expand your existing clientele, and personalize and strengthen relationships – all with a solution built to fit your needs.

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