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If you don’t have WE, you’re missing opportunities. It really is that simple. Not all wealth information is public, some households are hard to find, and not all the data is accurate. Fundraisers need a laser focus to carve out the right niche in data, to find the most likely donors. WE uses data science to give you meaningful, accurate and insightful information you can immediately use to focus and improve fundraising for nonprofits. Our system sources data from many vendors, and you can get to it anytime, anywhere – from your desk or your couch, on your computer, phone or a tablet. And it integrates with every major donor management system, so you don’t have to compromise on results.

Identify new donors, hold tight to the ones you have, and grow their contributions. How? Through multi-channel campaigns backed by prospect research and predictive modeling and analytics. WE can make sure you have the right data to drive your fundraising strategies.

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Prospect Research

Uncover deep insights about wealthy donors and prospects, through online search, DMS integration and screening services.


Modeling & Analytics

Find the patterns of success in your existing donor base that can guide your strategies with new and existing donors.

On Demand Screening

On Demand Screening is a solution that integrates your registration or purchase processes with the WealthEngine platform to instantly screen your prospects as they interact with your site.


Consulting & Professional Services

Expert, custom insight and advice to develop and execute your fundraising strategy.

Solutions to Fit Your Organization's Needs

WealthEngine’s Wealth Management solution has been designed to fit the needs of Financial Services organization. Find and qualify new customers, expand your existing clientele, and personalize and strengthen relationships – all with a solution built to fit your needs.

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