Short Term Fundraising Action Plans: The Next 90 Days

Short Term Fundraising Action Plans: The Next 90 Days

May 21, 2020

WealthEngine caught up with Ian Swedish from CCS Fundraising to reflect on the current landscape after 60 days and prepare for the next 90 days. Tune in for an engaging session about creating strategic short term action plans that will help you define opportunities and devise solutions amidst today’s challenges and uncertainties.

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Areas of focus will include:

  • Maintaining and sustaining key relationships
  • Leveraging leadership
  • Communicating meaningfully with lapsed donors
  • Evolving your case for philanthropy to meet the moment
Ian Swedish
Corporate Vice President

CCS Fundraising

Raj Khera
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer
Raj is a past CEO and co-founder of several software businesses, two of which were acquired by public companies. At WealthEngine, he helps to create more value for customers through thought leadership and game-changing product enhancements. He is passionate about supporting higher education and cancer research and volunteers his time at the University of Maryland and local schools.


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