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You may know us as a data provider, but our singular focus is on helping you consistently connect and grow the targeted audiences that can most impact your sales or fundraising objectives. WE provides a one-stop shop for the digital and direct mail marketing services that makes your marketing efforts count.

Custom Audience Development

Finding the best prospects

WE helps you curate an ultra-targeted prospect list based on wealth, lifestyle and more than a hundred affinity attributes. With the power of our wealth intelligence platform, you can identify new prospects based on look-alikes of your best customers, or use our advanced prospect generator application, WE Prospect, to create custom lists.


Professional Services

Getting your message out there

Managing multi-channel campaigns is time consuming. Unburden yourself and let WE marketing pros design and execute a campaign for you. We’ll guide you every step of the way – audience identification, messaging, media selection, execution, and post-campaign reporting. With our data and insight, we’ll help you find, engage and influence your target audience.

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