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The Quintess Collection is the nation’s leading destination club and provider of member-only vacation homes.


The Quintess Collection is the nation’s leading destination club and provider of member-only vacation homes. By applying the country club model to vacation homes, Quintess gives their members exclusive access to 100+ multimillion-dollar homes and experiences in 40+ destinations worldwide — complemented by membership services and privileges that set the standard for luxury vacations. Since day one, Quintess has been a member-driven club, and is constantly looking for new ways to enhance their members’ experience by offering flexible membership plans to choose from and properties that are equally amazing across all destinations.

The Challenge

The dynamics of the luxury travel industry have evolved in recent years. While travelers are still looking for experiences that are life-changing and offer the luxury of high-end accommodation, great dining and exceptional service, they are more mindful of their spending and are increasingly more selective on where they choose luxury over value. The market for vacation clubs is highly competitive, and consumers are faced with a broad range of products from which to choose, both online and offline, from points systems, clubs and fractional ownerships to private membership clubs and vacation clubs.

The Solution

In an effort to better understand their current members and identify potential new members, Quintess engaged WealthEngine to perform an analysis of the demographic and financial characteristics of their members. This enables Quintess to build marketing campaigns to reach those individuals who have an appreciation for their distinctive offering, and the wealth to take advantage of it. WealthEngine began by conducting a screening of Quintess’ database to uncover insight on the wealth, net worth, income, demographics and lifestyle attributes of their customers. As Ted Curtis, Senior Vice President of Sales explains, “The results were a real eye-opener for us. Not only was the median net worth of our clients significantly higher than what we had expected, but the analysis provided some interesting revelations on their demographics and their giving capacity.” Quintess’ clients tend to be of extremely high net worth and affluence, and also tend to be business leaders and entrepreneurs, have varied lifestyle interests from golf to sailing to skiing, own luxury vehicles and enjoy high-end brands.

In addition to net worth and income scores, WealthEngine provided Propensity to Give (P2G™) scores that are calculated based on a combination of the individual’s Estimated Giving Capacity, connections, philanthropic history, matches to major data sources and other data. Looking at the individual’s P2G scores gives Quintess the ability to identify qualified prospects and develop a segmentation and targeting strategy based on their estimated giving capacity. “Quite frankly, I was amazed at some of the P2G scores I saw, and it was quite telling of the individual’s likelihood to purchase a membership.”

The Result

Leveraging the screening and segmentation analysis of Quintess’ current clients, WealthEngine identified new prospects that share similar wealth, lifestyle, interests and demographic attributes as their top customers. Using Prospect Generator, WealthEngine provided Quintess with a list of approximately 100,000 individuals. This list was used in a recent direct mail campaign, and proved more effective over other lists used in the same campaign. “The response we received from the WealthEngine list was markedly higher, and the leads were more qualified, as compared to the more traditional list that we used in this campaign,” says Curtis.

In another marketing program, Curtis was able to leverage WealthEngine data and ratings to identify which clients of one brand could be top prospects for other brands within their collection. “Using WealthEngine, we screened the clients of our PGA TOUR Experiences offering, which is targeted at the business executive traveler, and were able to identify the top 100 prospects to receive a unique promotional offering for our vacation club offerings. By ranking the full list based on business attributes such as the individual’s title and role, we are able tailor our approach when up-selling and cross-selling, and we’re better able to extend the right offerings to the right people.”

Quintess’ sales team also uses WealthEngine’s search platform, FindWealth Online, to qualify inbound leads. When an individual requests more information about Quintess, the sales agent will first search for the person in FindWealth Online to access their complete wealth profile, including their net worth, total assets, business ownerships and affiliations, and disposable income. As Curtis explains, “This insight is useful when preparing for a call with a potential client and gives the sales agent the insight to determine the right membership plan to present.”

Next Steps

Quintess continues to leverage the insight found in WealthEngine’s research and analytics when executing both online and offline marketing programs and sales promotions. “We continue to refresh our prospect pool by generating new lists and by periodically re-screening our current database,” says Curtis. “WealthEngine is a great product and has proven to work in uncovering those prospects that have hidden wealth. More importantly, it goes beyond wealth and allows us to examine the client or prospect’s business and lifestyle attributes. When you pull all of this information together, you have a home run.”

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