As a marketer, you strive to deliver a personal experience to your clients each and every time, right?  Much like a good concierge, you try to get to know your clients-- their mindset, interests, and passions. But what about before they even walk into your store?  Is your marketing using the same personal treatment to get a client to the door?

Think of it as Concierge Marketing.  You embrace a way of understanding, engaging and personalizing your clients’ experience so you can develop a meaningful relationship from the very first interaction.

Consumers’ expectations of brands have risen steeply. They want personalized, transparent and respectful relationships. While marketers know this is a critical time to pivot and engage with consumers in a new way, they are facing the challenges posed by the abundance of data and how to capture and glean knowledge from it. Noted from WealthEngine’s Luxury Marketers Guide to Engaging and Winning HNW Customers, there are some basic best practices.

  1. Know your customer
    It’s frightening that 40% of brands don’t target any specific customer or prospect segments. And that 28% of marketers don’t know which high-value customers they should focus their efforts on. That’s where data comes in. Use it and garner insights about your customer. 
  2. Know your goals
    Once you understand the attributes and relative value of various segments within your customer base, it will be much easier to make decisions on where to allocate resources and which strategies and tactics to expand. Using analytics can identify the point of diminishing returns for targeted campaigns, giving you more return on investment while safeguarding your budget. 
  3. Know your needs
    Once you’ve established your goals and the strategies you will be using to reach them, you can identify the data that you have to support your initiatives, and then discern the data you need to append in order to truly understand the mind of the consumer and to create compelling, personalized content & messaging. 
  4. Know your prospects
    You need to approach individuals with the wealth,  affinity, and lifestyle to engage with your brand. These high potential prospects will be your next customers, and more importantly, your brand ambassadors. 
  5. Know your data 
    Data is not static; it is changing by the minute. Each time a prospect takes an action on your website, engages with a salesperson, or visits your business, the data associated with that consumer flutters and expands. You must track and use that data to maintain your relationship and continue to drive authentic experiences.

Bottomline: Getting an advantage from data in marketing is art and science.

It’s not easy...and more importantly, it’s not over once you start. It’s a continuous effort and must be a commitment to your customers. Now’s your chance to use unique data to help build authentic experiences that you, as a marketer, need and customers demand.

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