This week, a few exciting changes were announced at WealthEngine headquarters. Tony Glowacki, WealthEngine’s CEO for the last fifteen years is now Co-Executive Chairman.

Mark Logan, WealthEngine’s COO & President will now be CEO for the wealth intelligence and predictive analytics solutions provider.

Mark Logan, CEO
Tony Glowacki, Co-Executive Chairman

Here is Tony Glowacki’s letter sent to clients and partners this week:

Dear Clients,

When I joined the company and restructured it as WealthEngine more than 15 years ago, it was my vision to build a platform that delivers value to our customers by harnessing the power of big data. We were the first to market with such in-depth wealth intelligence and grew to partner with more than 3,500 active clients. As we have grown, we have enhanced our services, expanded our markets, and built valuable relationships along the way.

As WealthEngine is at a pivotal position in its evolution, I have chosen to change my role to Co-Executive Chairman and empower the formidable leadership team to drive growth, maintain our position in the marketplace, and most of all, continue to deliver value to you ―our customers, partners and consultants.

As Co-Executive Chairman, I will continue to be invested in the direction and growth of the company while Mark Logan, our President and COO, will now be at the helm as CEO and will manage the company under the same vision and company values we established from the start.

It’s an exciting time at WealthEngine. I am proud to have embarked on this journey and honored to support it, as it grows as a leading SaaS company that serves the growing needs of fundraisers and marketers.


Tony Glowacki
Co-Executive Chairman

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