We’re very excited about this one!  This week we announced our acquisition of BrightContext, a company that for the last few years has led the market in helping business people make sense of large volumes of real-time data. 

Big Data is by no means a new phenomena, but recently it has hit something of a “trough of disillusionment” as companies that were excited by the promise it held, face the realities of garnering real insight and presenting that insight to their employees in ways that make a difference.  And that is why the combination if WealthEngine and BrightContext is so interesting.

WealthEngine already has the best profile data on affluent and HNW buyers and donors and as such we do a great job of answering the basic question of “who should I target” and “with what message/offering”. Adding real-time capabilities into the mix takes things a step further and allows us to answer the third core marketing question of “why now?”

Consider this example. Through an analysis of my existing customer base I’ve recently identified a set of “look-alike” prospects that match my ideal customer profile.  Armed with insights into their lifestyles, wealth and spending habits, I’ve been able to get the interest of one of my highest potential prospects – I get a meeting. To prepare for that meeting I can now turn to my real-time dashboard to understand what is happening in his life and in his areas of interest that could help me make that critical connection at the meeting. 

On another occasion, my WealthEngine dashboard alerts me to the fact that a HNW individual has just now hit some critical pages of my website that might suggest an intent to purchase. Equipped with the other profile data I have on her I send out a personalized email offering to personally introduce her to my services.

WealthEngine is already embedded into the processes of organizations who are optimizing their customer/prospect engagement cycle by analyzing their current customers and enhancing top-of-the-funnel engagement. By delivering real-time social, news and marketing engagement data in the context of this lifecycle and against the existing rich data we have on individuals, we’ll be able to arm marketers and fundraisers with data that will make their personalized outreach extremely responsive.

This is data-driven marketing at its best – relevant, real-time and delivered to end users to support and optimize a business process.  

It’s going to be an extremely exciting few months for us as we start to surface these new capabilities to our customers. Watch this space!

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