We just announced our acquisition of BrightContext, a company that for the last few years has led the market in helping people make sense of large volumes of real-time data. What does this mean for the prospect researcher or fundraiser working on the front lines? Plenty.

WealthEngine already has the broadest and deepest research data on the most donors and prospects in the nation (and the UK). By providing wealth, lifestyle, demographic and behavioral data, we help organizations every day answer questions like “Who are my best major gift prospects?” and “Would she be interested in education or health initiatives?”

The integration of BrightContext’s technologies with WealthEngine’s powerful platform will allow us to incorporate real-time data from social media, news feeds, websites or any other external source, and analyze it instantly. We’ll give you a moment-by-moment understanding of what your prospect is interested in today and what they are thinking about tomorrow.

Imagine this:

You’re a major gift officer managing 100 prospects. You use WealthEngine to understand their capacity, interests, and demographics, and you personalize your cultivation touches to establish and deepen your relationships with them. Your personalized outreach worked – you get an appointment!  Now it’s time to check your real-time dashboard, and find out what’s happening in this prospect’s life today. Has she been tweeting about a recent political event? Has she just returned from a trip? These are the details that will help you establish rapport, understand important issues of timing, and guide the conversation in a productive direction.

Or perhaps you are a researcher, and have set up alerts on the charity’s top prospects. You get an alert that a high-capacity prospect has just accessed some of the organization’s key educational pages on the website. This may be the perfect time to assign this prospect and suggest sending a relevant message or piece of content.
WealthEngine is already embedded into the processes of nonprofits conducting prospect research. As we begin to deliver real-time social, news and engagement data fundraisers will gain added insight into the attributes of their donors and prospects. But more than that, they will gain timely understanding into their hearts and minds.  And that will make a true difference in the ability to create and sustain lasting, meaningful and productive relationships.

What sparks your imagination? We believe the sky is the limit, and we’d love to hear what you’re dreaming of so we can create the tools you need to raise the funds to change the world. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, or email us directly at institute@wealthengine.com.

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