It’s March in the annual fund. If you’re on a calendar fiscal year, you’re starting to get those first results in and get a feel for how people are responding in 2014. If you’re on an academic fiscal year, you’re seeing fourth quarter looming on the horizon and planning those final appeals. If you’re on a...

Well, it’s always “That Time Of Year” in the annual fund, isn’t it? And the goal remains the same – more people giving more dollars.

Every year, though, brings a new set of opportunities and challenges. Ten years ago we were just seeing email start to become a viable solicitation tool and online giving was still in its infancy. While we’re still figuring those out in 2014, now we’re seeing the impact of Big Data on the annual fund and how it informs a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy. Never a dull moment.

It is not an underestimate to say that nobody has a larger portfolio of donors than the annual fund team, and there’s no greater pool for major gift or planned giving prospects than annual fund donors. WealthEngine’s Data Driven Annual Fund series is designed to help provide some insight into techniques and methodologies that can improve the annual fund and increase the ROI of all that hard work.

The first part of this workbook in our series provided insight into the building blocks of a successful annual fund and included information on data hygiene and running a database audit. Parts II and III take those topics even further and examine comprehensive metrics and success measurements, case-for-support and developing ask amounts.

Whether you’re part of a large annual fund shop or a one-person-show, a seasoned professional or just starting out, these workbooks will help you get through “That Time of Year” whenever it may be.

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