As part of our effort to assist the development community in getting up and running with the new WealthEngine API we are happy to announce the release of our first SDKs. Through a partnership with developer Zack Proser we have released an initial round of SDKs for Node.js, PHP and Python. Our Node.js SDK is also available as an NPM module allowing quick and easy implementation of the WE API into your development project.

Proser says:

"WealthEngine's API offers application developers access to a tremendously powerful and currently very unique dataset. There's nothing else available right now, that I'm aware of, that offers financial profiles with the richness and granularity of those that WealthEngine makes easily retrievable via their RESTful API."

To learn more about our SDKs please visit the SDKs section of our WealthEngine API Public Documentation.

To access Proser's SDKs:

So what was the inspiration for Proser to build these SDKs?

"I am building a self-service app designed for business users that allows them to upload lists of leads, and then have their datasets annotated by various services I integrate with. WealthEngine was a no-brainer integration. It will allow my users to better understand who their leads are and how to prioritize their sales efforts with just a click of a button."

- Zack Proser

A big thanks to Zack Proser for putting together these SDKs while implementing the WealthEngine API into his own development project,

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