When Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) was vetting vendors to help them optimize their fundraising, they were looking for the best value, the highest quality data and an experienced team of subject matter experts. After comparing their options, they decided to move forward with WealthEngine.

With only 2% of their alumni making annual gifts, ERAU needed to understand why they weren’t getting more engagement. They knew that the majority of annual gifts were coming from a small group of people but they did not have many insights. WealthEngine was able to validate this and help ERAU model their best donors and segment their list of alumni.

As a result, ERAU was able to increase their average gift size by 100% and decrease the cost per dollar raised by 50%.

In order to accomplish this, ERAU worked with WealthEngine by starting with a wealth screening and then building on this with a SmartSegment overlay and Likelihood to Give Model. By working with a dedicated WE consultant, the Annual Giving team was able to take the insights provided and turn them into actionable tactics.  Additionally, Embry-Riddle procured access to the FindWealth 8 platform for their extended fundraising team, as well.

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