As marketers, data is at the forefront of everything WealthEngine does. And it’s becoming more complex each day. There are three main considerations to using data: access, insights and influence.

Where can you access the most insightful, actionable data using your Salesforce platform? How can you use that real-time access to drive business decisions and influence conversion?

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud is designed for the data revolution, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data and take action instantly from any device. Right now, Salesforce is offering a free playground version so everyone is able to see, firsthand, the power of the Analytics Cloud.

We’re also thrilled about Salesforce’s announcement today that new sample data sets from its leading  information partners—Acxiom, Dun & Bradstreet, and WealthEngine—are now also available to be explored in the playground.

This integration brings the data points we use for our own modeling and analytics solutions we provide for our clients right inside Salesforce so you can slice and dice however you see fit right in your dashboard.

The Analytics Cloud gives you the ability to ask ad-hoc questions as you explore your data in real-time. For example, you can track trends for specific demographics or  determine the wealth and buying behavior of your best customers.

WE recognizes that the Analytics Cloud Playground is a powerful Salesforce tool.  You can marry data from WealthEngine and other sources along with your own, in many different formats, to gain insights, segment, and build strategies to engage and influence in more effective and efficient ways.

Are you ready for a play date? The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Playground is open.

Learn more about WealthEngine’s data intelligence solutions and how we can help you develop your audience and focus your funnel.

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