According to a recent study commissioned by RealSelf, one in five American women is currently pursuing or planning to pursue plastic surgery.  At today’s rates, these women represent an estimated market of more than $75 billion*, with an additional $12 billion coming from the 24 percent of women who are planning to use less invasive procedures such as dermatologists.

Even if you have an established brand, failing to pay attention to the marketing to women trends of your industry could cause you to lose valuable market share and revenue.  Here are 4 tips for making sure your marketing efforts are connecting with today’s women:

Focus on the ‘Whys’:  Medical professionals like to focus on the “what” and the “how” of their services, but when you are trying to connect with women, begin with their “why.”  According to the study, the major reason women opt to have a cosmetic procedure is the “desire to feel more comfortable with oneself.”  In your messaging include words that help women connect with their bodies in positive ways such as “take care of yourself”, “feel healthy” and “feel good about who you are.”  

Consider Life Milestones:  One third of women interviewed felt a milestone life event was a motivator for choosing a cosmetic procedure.  While a significant birthday was the top “milestone”, brands should also look at other life stage events such as a new job, retirement or newly single.  In fact, according to the book No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent, a number of self-improvement investments occur within 6 to 12 months of divorce. Consider creating a video campaign that shows women celebrating their life milestones by doing something for themselves instead of others.

Attainable Aspirations:  Yes, when it comes to promoting cosmetic procedures women want to see images that make them feel youthful.  But, as author Bridget Brennan states, “youthful isn’t the same thing as young.” Be sure to use images of women in specific age groups who look wonderful, but also look realistic. Women want to know that feeling youthful and beautiful is possible.

Don’t Skimp Online:  Studies show that 86 percent of female Internet users conduct health research online, so it isn’t surprising that the study found that the Internet is the primary source of treatment awareness followed by word-of-mouth.  Spend some time on your website, making sure your content is reader-friendly and geared toward your target audience, not other medical professionals or your internal staff.  Helpful tip:  Think about the 3 questions prospective patients ask you most.  Can those be easily found and answered on your site?  If not, you may need to make some changes.  

When it comes to spending money on luxury brands, the health and beauty industry is usually the first point of entry for women (Why She Buys, Bridget Brennan).  And with the perception of cosmetic surgery moving from stigma to status symbol, now is the time to target and engage your female customers in ways that not only educate, but inspire.

Connecting with today’s woman is about understanding her real needs.  And, thanks to the WealthEngine platform, you don’t have to be a data scientist to discover the wealth, demographic and lifestyle attributes of your audience—allowing you to spend your marketing time and money on those patients who will not only respond best to your marketing to women efforts, but will have the biggest impact on your business.

Patti Minglin is the founder of Go Girl Communications, a content marketing firm that specializes in helping businesses connect with women and moms.  Often considered a thought-leader in the marketing to women and mom space, Patti has been featured in and contributed to numerous publications including Crain’s Chicago Business and Media Post.  She most recently shared her voice from the stage as part of the Listen To Your Mother Chicago cast.  


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