What interested you in joining WE?

From the beginning, it was all about the people that I met.  Initially, it was just Bobby Yazdani, our Executive Chairman, and WealthEngine’s founder Tony Glowacki.  Both are very passionate about the business and have styles and philosophies that are consistent to mine. In addition, they are both committed to our customers and to our employees.   

In time I met with Dawn Orr, Mike Lees, John Funge and others and I began to recognize the exceptional talent that Tony was able to attract to WealthEngine.   Working with this strong leadership group and with the entire WealthEngine team has been very inspiring.

What are you most excited about?

It’s ‘the opportunity in front of us’.  We have a history of providing high value to our customers and they have rewarded us with their loyalty.  We serve five key vertical markets including; Higher Ed, Healthcare, Non-profits, Luxury Brands and Financial Services.

As a leader in data driven marketing solutions, we strive to continue to provide valuable insight to our customers in these key markets. 

Within the recent weeks,  we announced the availability of our open API to the developer community.—Our capabilities here open up hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to engage with Wealthengine wealth data.  .  Third party applications can integrate our solution into their application, creating a new eco-system and channel for WealthEngine.  Our customers will also benefit greatly by tighter integration with solutions and applications that they already have in use.

What’s your corporate philosophy? What will it take to continue success?

I believe in corporate transparency.  We are a team and everyone on the team at Wealthengine has a hand in our business and in our success.  .  In sports—everyone can see the scoreboard, right? At WE, we will continue to empower the whole team to understand where we are against our company goals and what challenges we need to conquer. 

Bottom line, I like to compete and I like to win.  A successful organization takes prudent risks and learns from mistakes.  I like to surround myself with super-smart and highly competitive colleagues.  And most importantly, we must always put our customers’ goals and needs in the center of all of our thinking. 

Last week I heard a story from one of our large University clients.  In a recent donor drive, they secured two $50,000 donations and their first ever $100,000 gift.  All were as a direct result of the modeling and alumni analytics that WE developed for the school.  This type of customer success is why we exist. 

Lastly —I don’t mind healthy impatience.  I feel as though organizations need to move at an ever-increasing pace.  There’s always buzz about “Silicon Valley” companies.  Well, WE has what it takes to be an industry leader in Data Driven Marketing and can outrun companies in the ‘Valley’ … I’m excited to be in the game.

Work hard, play hard…what is your favorite past time?

I do like to live by those words and I have a number of interests outside of work.  My favorite is watching my boys—Michael (20), Steven (18) and James (16) participating in their various sports, along with my wife Nancy.  When I’m not watching them, I am in the game myself. I play ice hockey at least once a week.  One of my all-time highlights this year was playing together on the same hockey line with all three boys on my men’s league team.  Quite a thrill for me… and definitely a ‘proud dad’ moment.

Describe WE in one word.

“Value”---We create great value for our customers.  We help our customers to find that ‘needle in the haystack by using our analytics.  A recent report indicated that there are 7.1MMmillionaires in the US alone.  We can find, profile and advance qualified High Net Worth prospects to our customers.  

With over 3,500 active customers, we have an awesome responsibility to continue to innovate, and provide value.  We are very excited about the future at WE.

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