In advertising relevance is paramount but what is relevant for one person is not for another. There are ads everywhere embedded into your daily routine, they have become synonymous with modern living. The bus stop you pass by, the gossip blog you check every morning, the window display in front of CVS, are all forms of advertising. Even the shampoo bottle you stare at bleary-eyed every morning is an ad. Ever wonder why they put the name and logo of the product front and center? Most of these ads are not relevant to you personally but every once in a while something about an ad catches your attention and holds you captive for a moment. It speaks to you.

You really need this, it would improve your life.

For advertisers to connect to individuals they need to understand their wants, needs, goals, dreams, and motivations. It’s corny but true. Often times marketing managers use a shotgun approach by trying to reach as many people as possible by casting a wide net but that strategy won’t work for every business. Luxury brands looking to move beyond simple brand awareness need to be more targeted with their marketing messages. That’s where a company like WealthEngine comes into the conversation.

We deliver qualified leads to marketers by screening out the people who are not relevant to what you are selling. We have compiled an evolving living database of Americans using all types of criteria from some of the best sources in the country. Do you want to speak to high net worth individuals interested in jewelry who live in the NYC metropolitan area or perhaps learn more about your existing customer’s wealth?

We have that information.

We can’t promise that people will buy your product but we can help to make sure your message is going out to the right people, giving you the best shot at being noticed.

In the future, I want the prospective jewelry buyers to get served less irrelevant ads and advertisers to waste less money on their campaigns. That’s a win for the both the consumer and the advertiser. In my humble opinion, the future of big data is bright for consumers and advertisers alike.

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Mark Daigle is a passionate consultant to financial services and luxury brands at WealthEngine in Bethesda, MD. He has a background in consumer Market Research and Corporate Strategy using statistical methods to deliver actionable insights to marketers and brand managers.

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