wall street bonus schedule 2019

The 2019 Wall Street bonus schedule is a major opportunity for nonprofits to boost their fundraising. Let’s explore the impact of these bonuses will have on your organization, your donors, and how you’ll benefit from them.

wall street bonus schedule

Wall Street bonuses are scheduled in the first quarter of the year to celebrate market growth. Let’s explore the impacts of these bonuses on the luxury market and how they can benefit your business. 

what is an annual giving campaign

How best do you structure your fundraising efforts to meet your annual giving goal? Let’s explore the 8 phases involved in an annual giving campaign.

trends in millennial spending

As millennials gain greater economic power, businesses must understand their distinct spending habits. Let’s explore the top 9 areas where millennials will spend their money.

7 Tips for Building Stronger Major Donor Relationships

Before a donor makes a gift, you need to be proactive in retaining their attention. Follow these 7 best practices, provided by MarketSmart, to develop stronger relationships with your donors.

what is an annual gift

An annual gift is a contribution given to support the basic functioning of a cause. Let’s explore the importance and levels of annual giving.

WealthEngine 2019: A Year In Review

December 27, 2019
PV Bóccasam

2019 was a year of expansion and growth. Thanks to our team, customers, associates, and partners, we’re ready to continue leveling up. Let’s look take a look back at some of our highlights and how we’ll be breaking new ground in 2020.

planned giving marketing plan

Cultivated donor relationships are at the core of planned giving. Let’s explore the 4 key steps you should implement in your planned giving marketing plan.

nonprofit trends

5 Nonprofit Trends Influenced by Technology

December 11, 2019
Nandini Singh

Predictive analytics are providing nonprofits with the tools to enhance their donor engagement. Check out the 5 nonprofit trends being influenced by tech as we move into 2020.

major donor fundraising

Major donors are the cornerstone of philanthropic giving. Check out the top 5 strategies you can implement to boost your major donor fundraising.