Recurring Donors vs. One-Time Donors

Salesforce and NextAfter recently hosted a webinar to discuss the benefits of growing Recurring Donors and the value they bring to nonprofits over time.

As presented by NextAfter, the 2018 Benchmark Report has revealed that Recurring Donors are worth 5.4% more than One-Time Donors over their lifetime. In fact, in a single year Recurring Donors (RDs) give 42% more than One-Time donors (OTDs) and the longer the measurement...Read more

Are you a fundraiser for a cause or advocacy group that supports human rights, animal rights, or sustainability? Then you know that year-end giving can be crucial to your fundraising success.

Over a quarter of nonprofits studied by NonProfit Hub reported that 26-50% of their fundraising success can be attributed to year-end giving. A majority of nonprofits begin planning in October to execute year-end asks and marketing in November. Now is the time to get a head start on year-end activities and...Read more

These two factors determine whether your luxury marketing strategy will attract high end clients. Finding wealthy buyers isn't enough. Here's what you need.

The luxury goods sector has long been one that inspired envy, whether it’s the attached glamor or the high margins enjoyed by retailers.

However, reports have indicated that the sector has seen stagnation and a low, single-digit growth rate in 2016 & 17. Under these circumstances, it is important to identify, understand and embrace the trends that define the industry today.

We sat down with Neha Kapasi, our Luxury Sales Director, to discuss her perspective...Read more

What is luxury product marketing? Here's the most commonly used definition, plus ways you can reach a luxury consumer to grow your luxury brand.Read more


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