API integration

API integration can add convenience and immediacy to your wealth screening and prospecting. Learn about maximizing your CRM and gaining real-time insights.

reading a wealthengine profile

When reading a WealthEngine profile, it’s important to sift through relevant data that will inform your interactions with customers and prospects.

Hospital Fundraising

Donors and Prospects cannot be treated the same. Diversify your strategy to propel your hospital fundraising to new heights. See how custom models can help.

chief development officer

Big changes are coming to the nonprofit landscape. CDOs will need to upskill themselves to stay ahead. Here are 10 top skills to future-proof yourself as a nonprofit leader.

donor pyramid

Are you starting a capital campaign? Then, missing this step could send your campaign down a rocky road. This important step is building a donor pyramid. 

fall donation drive

Wealth screenings are the key to a successful fall donation drive. Let’s explore 5 tasks you can implement to make your fundraiser a success.

donor fatigue

Ever wondered if Donor Fatigue is real? Yes, in fact, it can be a major obstruction to building long-term relationships. Learn what it is & how to avoid it.

engaging alumni

If your newly minted alumni donate even a small amount in the next 10 years, they will likely become lifetime donors. Use these 7 steps for engaging alumni.

direct to consumer

Direct to consumer marketing is transforming how brands interact with their consumers. Here’s how to create a successful strategy that drives more sales.

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