luxury hospitality industry

Customer loyalty means everything in the luxury hospitality industry. See what it takes to drive engagement and set a luxury brand apart in this industry.

grateful patient program

A little known secret to successful grateful patient programs is modeling. It empowers you to screen new patients with extraordinary precision. Here’s how.

Get ready college ball fans: March Madness is coming to an end, and we’re down to the final four! To celebrate the final few games, and the final few teams, we decided to use our wealth and lifestyle insights to find the wealthiest basketball fans in e …

share of wallet

Whether you’re marketing for a brand or cause, wealth insights and an understanding of share of wallet can help you sharpen your prospecting and outreach.

inner circle

Need a warm introduction to a prospective donor? Here’s how to leverage your Inner Circle, your closest contacts, to find out who they can connect you to.

The millennial population is changing nonprofit & commercial spaces. So, what influences millennials? And how do their values influence millionaires?

data mining for customer segmentation

Customer segmentation data mining is a data-validated method to refine targeting. Marketers benefit from segmentation powered by data mining.

The 2019 U.S. Millionaire Report touched on themes highlighting the ways consumer demographics are changing nonprofit and commercial spaces. The biggest indicator? Diversity in the millionaire population. With a growing population of 30 million individ …

The best way of marketing to millionaires? Personalizing your outreach. Read more to learn how, and download your copy of the 2019 U.S. Millionaire Report.

wealth models

Wealth models validate instincts by quantifying data. They enable fundraisers and marketers to make data-driven decisions instead of educated guesses.

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