The evolution of big data, and fundraising data analytics, is transforming the way we market to donors and prospects. Read to learn more.

precision marketing

High precision marketing is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity. Learn more about how you can leverage wealth data to better understand your consumers.

prospect automation

The evolving nature of the data landscape will transform how you find your next best prospect. Read more to learn all about the rise of prospect automation.


Patients and their families have an affinity for your hospital and can be good prospects for fundraising. These grateful patient program tips can help.

You’ve started your capital campaign, but you notice your efforts are faltering. Now what? Here are some fundraising campaign ideas to revamp your efforts.

Inheriting a fundraising campaign involves great attention to detail. Here are 4 essential questions to ask yourself when you refine your campaign approach.

Successful grateful patient programs can generate a 20x return on investment within 3 years. Follow these 4 steps to set up program for your organization.

#GivingTuesday isn’t just a time for fundraising, it’s a time to collect data. Read more to find out the steps you can take to put your plan into action.

Happy Thanksgiving from WealthEngine

November 21, 2018 Rebecca Herring
donor research profile template

Use this donor research profile template to capture the most important giving capacity and propensity indicators during your donor prospect research.

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