Higher Education fundraisers can often be bogged down by year-end development deficits. If this is you, don’t worry! The best response to this scenario is to channel your energies into planning your next year. We have a list of data-driven best practices to help guide you as you fortify year-end activities and annual planning for the following year.

Fundraising efforts are often affected by availability of resources. Three major resource challenges can be personnel, time and data. Team size and time-constraints are challenges often difficult to overcome. Data, however, can be improved from generic and ambiguous to rich, refined and effective enough to make up for the other two resources.Read more

In honor of International Women's Day, we took a look at our data to see how far women have come in many different industries. Across the board, women have made huge strides in business ownership, executive roles, and board membership.

Our powerful solutions can provide these insights and analytics to help you increase sales or drive donations. Contact us today to see how WE can help you. Read more

Happy Valentine's Day from WealthEngine. Who are America's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes? How do the young wealthy singles differ from the older ones?

Curious how we found and analyzed this list? We started by creating a list in WE Prospect of single men and women in the US with a net worth greater than $5MM. Then we used WE Analyze, our predictive lead scoring and analysis platform, to visually see the composition of the singles. The best part? We got all of this information within minutes.Read more

WealthEngine has you covered.

With over 35 integrations and counting, WE makes it easy to add wealth intelligence to your business processes. WE is integrated with leading providers like Salesforce and Ellucian, and is compatible with Blackbaud's RaisersEdge. So you get all of our wealth data, profiles and scores and ratings, and you can import it into your records from within your own DMS or CRM system.

Is your DMS or CRM listed below? Contact us today to see how WE can integrate our...Read more

WealthEngine solutions provide rich wealth and lifestyle insights to help you understand your current donors or customers and prospects better. Our rich data can help you personalize your outreach and improve your sales, marketing, and fundraising efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits of integrating our wealth and lifestyle insights into your everyday processes.

  • Help your entire department understand your existing customers or donors better. Wouldn’t it be nice to better understand your audience at a glance with a 360 degree view of their wealth, lifestyle,
  • ...Read more


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