Remembering Don Pyle

Remembering Don Pyle

January 27, 2015

Like many people, our team was shocked when we heard that our friend and board member Don Pyle’s home was destroyed in a fire early last Monday morning. That shock turned to terrible sadness as we learned of the tremendous loss suffered by Don’s family. 

While I have only known Don for a few short years, from the very beginning, he was generous with his knowledge, experience and time.  When he joined our board in February of 2014, our whole team was excited to have him and his considerable talent in our camp. 

Over the years, it was obvious how important Don’s family was to him.  He was always either planning for, coming from, or going to an event with his wife, children or grandchildren. It is this strong bond with his family and the tragic shattering of this bond that saddens us the most.  We are better off personally and professionally for the time we had with Don. Our hearts and prayers are with his family at this time. 

— Tony Glowacki, WealthEngine CEO

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