How to Set SMART Goals for Your Nonprofit

This guide covers what SMART goals are, how to set them, and how to follow through on them. We’ll also cover common pitfalls to avoid. Using this process, you’ll be better equipped to achieve your organization’s mission and impact more people. If you’r …

2021 Strategy Guide for Fundraisers

2020 threw nonprofits everywhere a curveball, leaving many fundraisers to wonder what 2021 could have in store. Fortunately, there are plenty of pandemic-proof fundraising strategies proven to help you reach your goals. Download this step-by-step guide …

Market Potential Reports

WealthEngine’s Market Potential Reports provide a deeper understanding of opportunities to reach population segments based on estimated net worth, cash on hand, investible assets, business ownership, giving capacity and history, interests and passions, …

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting a Virtual Fundraiser

Virtual galas and fundraisers are becoming increasingly important in the age of the pandemic. Even though your champions and prospects can’t meet in person, they would love to support you through an online event. Download this step-by-step guide to set …

2020 Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Are you ready to rock #GivingTuesday?  December 1st is rapidly approaching. Ensure your organization is equipped to make the most of its #GivingTuesday fundraising efforts by leveraging WealthEngine’s all-in-one toolkit. Download the #GivingTuesday too …

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Guide to WealthEngine’s Predictive Models

Using this Guide to WealthEngine Models, you will gain detailed insights into all of the models we offer. Not only will we walk you through the information you will need so our trusted data scientists can craft an algorithm just for you, but we’ll also …

Harnessing Wealth Insights to Optimize Financial Advisor Prospecting Strategies Amidst COVID-19

The way financial advisors generate leads is rapidly evolving. Successful financial advisors know the value of building and nurturing relationships.

Giving Tuesday Now Toolkit

Did you know that #GivingTuesday is on May 5th this year?  May 5th is rapidly approaching. Ensure your organization is equipped to make the most of its #GivingTuesdayNow fundraising efforts by leveraging WealthEngine’s all-in-one toolkit.

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Managing in Uncertainty: How to Protect and Grow Your Organization During Coronavirus

An adaptive fundraising strategy is key to reaching your 2020 goals in the midst of an economic downturn. Use this WealthEngine guide to keep your momentum and find success in your fundraising.

Using Wealth Models to Build a Data-Driven Planned Giving Strategy

For any nonprofit, big or small, one of the biggest areas of growth for fundraising is planned giving.

Creating a Capital Campaign

Whether you are a small nonprofit, a large advocacy group, a healthcare institution, or a university, creating a successful capital campaign is essential for your fundraising efforts.

Capital Campaign Thank You Letters

WealthEngine is here to optimize your Capital Campaign, from finding your next best donor to presenting them a thank you letter for their gift.

Sample Wealth Data Analytics RFP

Are you looking to outsource your wealth data analytics solution? Use an RFP to source multiple proposals so you can determine the best course of action. Download our completely customizable Wealth Data Analytics Request for Proposal Template and get s …

2019 Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Are you ready to rock #GivingTuesday?  December 3rd is rapidly approaching. Ensure your organization is equipped to make the most of its #GivingTuesday fundraising efforts by leveraging WealthEngine’s all-in-one toolkit.

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A Look at Millennial Wealth

The population of young wealthy people is growing. By 2030, millennials will hold 5 times as much wealth as they have today. They are expected to inherit $68 trillion from their predecessors in the Great Wealth Transfer. In order to effectively reach m …

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The 2019 Millennial Wealth Report

The inaugural Millennial Wealth Report is here! Our research lab has uncovered the evolving living, giving, saving, and spending habits of millennials in the U.S. that are fundamentally changing the way organizations engage with their consumers and don …

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The 2019 U.S. Millionaire Report

Want to increase sales or donations? Of course, every brand or organization does! Wealth continues to grow and the number of millionaires keeps climbing across generations worldwide. Your business or nonprofit has an incredible opportunity to engage an …

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The Data-Driven Annual Fund

The Data-Driven Annual Fund is a workbook that focuses on data understanding and use; strategies for segmentation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and prospects; and measuring and analyzing fundraising ROI and other key metrics. In addition, thi …

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The Ultimate Guide to B2C Lead Scoring Programs

Does your organization have an effective way to segment and prioritize your prospects? B2B marketers have implemented lead scoring programs into their workflows for years with great success. The best B2C organizations follow the same processes and exec …

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The 2018 U.S. Millionaire Report

WealthEngine has released the 2018 U.S. Millionaire Report with the latest insights on millionaires within the United States. The report analyzes those with a net worth greater than $1 million based on their investable assets, real estate, charitable d …

The 2017 U.S. Millionaire Report

WealthEngine has compiled a wealth report of millionaires within the US. This report is focused on those with a net worth greater than $1 million, considering assets, investments, and cash on hand. These high net worth individuals are ideal prospects f …

Advice from the Experts: Best Practices for Integrating with an API

Businesses are under pressure to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and make sure opportunities aren’t missed in our fast-paced world. Having a real-time marketing and sales strategy can make the difference between growing your business and wa …

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An Analytical Approach to Wealth Intelligence: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Market Share Using Predictive Analytics and Modeling

Wealth intelligence allows luxury marketers to truly understand the affluent consumer and their wealth, demographic and lifestyle attributes. This insight is critical, as marketers work to build targeted marketing strategies that reach the most qualifi …

Growing Individual Gifts: An Analytic Approach to Data-Driven Success

WealthEngine is proud to present our Growing Individual Gifts workbook series. The workbook includes background context for the importance of having a strong individual giving program as well as tools for expanding and tracking your organization’s indi …

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Data-Driven Major Gift Campaigns Workbook

WealthEngine is proud to present our new workbook Data-Driven Major Gift Campaigns. A data-driven approach to major gift fundraising and campaigns sets the bar correctly and will assure that any campaign undertaken will have the best possible chance fo …

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5 Benefits of Real-Time Wealth Insights Through An API

The key to engaging prospects and rising above the noise is targeting the right people and personalizing your offers and calls to action. In order to do this effectively you need to have access to real-time insights. We’ve put together an eBook with fi …

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Research Brief: 2016 Snapshot of Grateful Patient Fundraising Programs

WealthEngine and The Advisory Board Company partnered to conduct a survey among healthcare foundation and development leaders to better understand the current nature of grateful patient fundraising programs, how they have evolved over time, and where t …

Choose Your Adventure: Data-Driven Storytelling

Whether you’re a nonprofit or B2C marketer, there’s an adventure for you! Travel through WE’s universe of data-driven storytelling and learn how it impacts the marketing channels you’re already tapping into including earned media, paid media and owned …

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The Luxury Marketer’s Guide to Engaging and Winning HNW Customers

You think you know your customers and targets, but trust us, you don’t know them as well as they know you. As a luxury provider you’re used to delivering personalized, customized service once you win customers, but the only way to bring new customers i …

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Getting Started Guide to Grateful Patient Fundraising

Approximately $1.6bln is contributed to healthcare organizations annually by patients. This helps to explain why there is a growing trend towards implementing robust Grateful Patients Programs (GPP) as a cornerstone of healthcare fundraising. Our new e …

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Prospect Development for Higher Education: Best Practices for HPOs

Learn the secrets of High Performing Organizations (HPOs) based on our surveys and experience working with colleges and universities. We’ve discerned many of the best practices employed by the most successful fundraising teams, including: How investmen …

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