The Data-Driven Annual Fund

The Data-Driven Annual Fund is a workbook that focuses on data understanding and use; strategies for segmentation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and prospects; and measuring and analyzing fundraising ROI and other key metrics. In addition, this workbook links to worksheets, templates, checklists and tools to help fundraising practitioners put knowledge into action immediately.

Part 1: The Building Blocks focuses on building a strong base for the annual fund and setting the protocols that will drive the entire process. Specific topics include conducting a data audit, data hygiene and segmentation, and developing an annual fund plan.

Part 2: Solicitation and Stewardship discusses what to do once the plan is in place and how to maximize the solicitation process. It will cover multi-channel solicitation strategies and techniques, case-for-support and ask amounts.

Part 3: Reporting and Return on Investment discusses evaluating annual fund results and measuring the return on investment. It covers, in deeper detail, metrics, ROI, and benchmarking.