Measuring Fundraising Return on Investment and the Impact of Wealth Intelligence

Evaluating Return on Investment (ROI) provides great advantage for moving a nonprofit organization’s fundraising office, its management and the board forward in aligning the business of fundraising with their overall philanthropic mission. WealthEngine has written its second edition on how to measure, implement and assess ROI within fundraising.

Measuring Fundraising Return on Investment: The Impact of Wealth Intelligence on Fundraising ROI will be released in three sections, with the release of the full paper in September 2013. The paper includes findings from a WealthEngine survey on measuring ROI and business analytics, along with case studies, perspectives from industry leaders and in-depth content on the non-financial measurements of return.

  • Part 1: Why Measuring Fundraising ROI is Important: This section covers the importance of measuring ROI and the various factors organizations should consider. We also discuss the role of wealth intelligence in fundraising and the significant impact it can have on ROI.
  • Part 2: Key Measurements of Success: This section delves into the top metrics organizations use to determine their fundraising return and best practices for tracking and measuring ROI, including the ROI of staff and direct expenses.
  • Part 3: The Impact of Wealth Intelligence on Fundraising ROI: This section covers the positive impact using wealth intelligence can have on ROI. Using tools like modeling and analytics, organizations will not only better understand their donors, but can predict giving.