An Analytical Approach to Wealth Intelligence: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Market Share Using Predictive Analytics and Modeling

Wealth intelligence allows luxury marketers to truly understand the affluent consumer and their wealth, demographic and lifestyle attributes. This insight is critical, as marketers work to build targeted marketing strategies that reach the most qualified consumers with compelling offers and a seamless brand experience.

This paper provides best practices, case studies and practical tips for applying wealth intelligence and predictive analytics to develop an effective marketing strategy. Learn how you can leverage an analytic solution to find prospects who look like your best customers, and find opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and drive share-of-wallet among existing customers.

Key topics include:

  • Today’s trends and challenges for luxury marketers looking to grow your business
  • WealthEngine’s unique approach to developing and utilizing wealth scores
  • Best practices and practical tips for applying custom predictive analytics
  • Determining the optimal solution to meet your goals