A Sophisticated Platform for Wealth Intelligence: Top 10 Considerations in Using a Wealth Intelligence Platform

Effective wealth intelligence combines the art of using wealth, lifestyle and biographical research data with the science of advanced analytics and datamining techniques. It goes beyond simply understanding the wealth and biographical attributes of individuals, and provides an analytical approach to using research data. This is important not only for researching prospects, but for setting organizational priorities, determining an overall fundraising or marketing strategy, segmenting and prioritizing prospects, and improving interactions with constiuents, donors and prospects in order to build long-term relationships and drive long-term value.

As part of WealthEngine’s series on The Fundamentals of Wealth Intelligence, this paper discusses the key considerations when selecting a wealth intelligence platform. We share some of the major enhancements that WealthEngine has developed for our FindWealth 8 platform, along with the benefits clients will realize. The paper also offers a practical guide and checklist for selecting a platform, and outlines the key steps to applying wealth intelligence for maximum fundraising results.

Key topics include:

  • The role of wealth intelligence in developing a fundraising strategy
  • The benefits of applying an analytical approach to researching donors and prospects
  • WealthEngine’s unique approach and cutting-edge technology in FindWealth 8
  • Best practices for applying wealth intelligence for maximum results