WE Prospect: Find Your Next Best Prospect with WealthEngine

Did you know you could be taking advantage of WealthEngine beyond richly layered profile searches, and fast-paced wealth screenings? With WE Prospect, you find your next best prospects who are highly likely to engage with your cause or brand.

WealthEngine is the industry’s most trusted, API-accessible, cloud-secure platform for Wealth Intelligence. Our solutions enable you to drive highly private, high precision, campaigns that deliver high impact at lower acquisition costs.

Ready to learn more? Watch the video below for a quick overview.

WE Prospect empowers you to:


The marketplace is growing exponentially. However, it is becoming more fragmented. In this scenario, both fundraisers and marketers can end up wasting time and resources targeting the entire market. For nonprofits, using our wealth and lifestyle insights helps identify prospects who are not only capable of giving but are also likely to give due to past giving or an affinity for the cause.

Similarly, our actionable insights can help marketers identify people who are not only able to afford their products and services but also have an interest in them. WE Prospect has over 250 attributes that you can use to identify your next best prospect.


Personalization is becoming the cornerstone of prospect outreach. Therefore,  wealth data can empower you to segment and target their messaging. This data, when combined with lifestyle attributes and affinities, boosts the ability of companies to align their messaging with the passions and interests of their prospects.

Prioritization powered by these refined attributes can help you create a target segment. This then allows you to optimize your time and resources. Campaigns that target these segments consequently see higher conversion rates and thereby lower acquisition costs.


WE Prospect presents billions of data points as one easy to use interface. This means that as a marketer or fundraiser, you can access this rich information on the WealthEngine interface. Moreover, you can also access data through one of our many integration partners such as Salesforce, Ellucian, and other CRM/DMS systems.

Further, WealthEngine makes it convenient for you to integrate our wealth and lifestyle insights directly into your campaigns. The 250+ different attributes available in WE Prospect can elevate personalization and deliver tailored messaging.


Prospects who have the qualities and characteristics of your top customers and donors could be excellent leads. They can help expand your market-reach quickly and efficiently.

As development or marketing teams, you can use WE Prospect to build a list of prospects that mirror the qualities of existing best customer and donors. For instance, important characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, religion, the number or value of the properties they own, charitable causes they support, luxury vehicles they drive, investor type, etc. can all be refined using the platform.


Additionally, WE Prospect filters data in a highly secure and private way. In fact, you can use the platform to build a list that is customized to your fundraising or marketing needs. Lists and results from prospecting are securely stored on our SOC 2, Type II certified WealthCloud. You can find these in the results section. Only your organization or whoever you might have authorized will be able to view your results. Other WealthEngine clients or unauthorized parties do not have access to your results.

To learn more about how you can leverage WE Prospect, contact us.

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