Prospect Automation: Why Old Ways of Prospecting Will No Longer Deliver Results

Prospect Automation: Why Old Ways of Prospecting Will No Longer Deliver Results

December 6, 2018

At WealthEngine, we’ve been in the business for 20-plus years. We understand wealth at a granular level. We’ve been curating 250 million profiles, spanning 170 million households, and have made the data easily accessible for all to use.

3 Key Trends in Prospecting

Whether you are looking for your next best customer or your next best donor, we will continue empowering you, and help you meet your goals, by working in ways that are compatible with the dynamic nature of the data landscape. In this endeavor, I have seen that our industry is being shaped by the convergence of three unique trends:

1.   First, market segments comprised of millennials and Gen Zers are fundamentally different from those we have communicated with before. They come in with a very clear point of view and awareness. These qualities enable them to engage with products, people, technologies, and processes differently.

In the next decade, millennials and Gen Zers are going to form ⅔ of our population. They may not have the money yet since baby-boomers control 46% of their assets, but Gen Zers and millennials fundamentally control household spends. In fact, they control 70% of all discretionary spending. This indicates that they have a tremendous impact on what we do every single day.

2.   Second is the unbundling of services. This trend has a huge impact on almost every field. There’s been the unbundling of the hotel industry with AirBnB’s emergence, among other businesses that have followed a similar model. The success of companies such as Uber and Postmates are also prime examples of this trend. The sharing economy and emphasis on access to assets as opposed to ownership are all part of this unbundling.

3.   The third and most important trend is personalization. This trend affects practically every industry. Let’s consider a bank. People have been able to have unique experiences with their banking provider resulting in reduced churn by 10% to 30%, increase revenue by 30% to 40%, and increased engagement by two to three times.

While these figures are great, banks and financial institutions have to learn to engage with new generations as they operate and engage differently.


Changes in Prospecting and the Emergence of Prospect Automation

With these trends not only emerging but converging, I believe that the old ways of prospecting are fundamentally broken. The error-prone, manual creation process, engaging with clients in broad ways, and the “spray-and-pray” approach of reaching customers online, are just not very effective. These methods produce poor conversion rates and people stop caring. For example, almost everyone utilizes some form of marketing automation, whether it’s through online messaging or direct print mail marketing. The problem is that, when you spend that dollar, you just don’t know how effective it is. In fact, marketers know that when they spend billions of dollars a year, half of it is going to be wasted. So, the problem lies in not knowing which half!

I fundamentally believe that there is a gap between how sales works and how marketing works. There are gaps in automation, engagement, and personalization because the number of attributes that really uniquely define an individual has fundamentally changed.

These gaps can be uniquely filled by WealthEngine in a way that that is hitherto unexplored. We call this gap the prospect automation gap. We believe that prospect automation has unique ways of nurturing our existing customers and identifying high- value prospects.

So, the next question is: how does this all come together in the context of prospect automation? How can you find your next best prospect? And, when you find them, what is the next best thing to do with them?


Advantages of Prospect Automation

The idea of creating the next best action, when you find the next best prospect has to be automated. Not only can machine learning and AI  be leveraged to curate new sets of information, but they are also able to connect the dots, score the data, model it, and find unique insights. This helps you identify & connect with high-position targets you wouldn’t have found if you hadn’t acquired data using prospect automation.

Upon acquiring data on prospects, you then need to understand three unique aspects: their capacity, propensity, and intent to live, give, save, spend, and travel. The ability to do that, all in a structured way from within the same application platform, is unique to WealthEngine.

To explain further, we have been able to combine all this functionality into a compelling new platform that we’ve enabled through an API that you can access, automate and operationalize within your own environments. The option to personalize those wealth profiles with a unique wealth score can not only give you hindsight but also insight and foresight on a prospect, all on the same platform. This new solution addresses the prospect automation gap and propagates a new and effective way of nurturing prospects.

You can leverage prospect automation regardless of how you want to reach the user. It could be through an owner-management system, a sales automation system, a digital automation system, or another system. We can seamlessly integrate across all of these dimensions in a unique way. All of the rich attributes for a given wealth profile are now readily available across your systems.

Our AI and machine learning technology connect the dots between prospecting and personalization, between segmenting and scoring, between prospects and past donations, utilizing something we call learning science. We’ve baked learning science into the core of our platform, which we’re really excited about launching in our big 9.0 release.


WealthEngine 9.0

This new prospect engagement platform is unique in the industry. It minds the gaps when it comes to data, engagement, personalization, and predictive analysis. With the 9.0 release comes a new personalization paradigm, meaning that the future of wealth screening is available to you now.

This new system truly elevates the game through four key factors:

  1. We help you reduce your cost of prospect acquisition dramatically. 10, to 20, to 30% in some cases will help you increase lifetime value by 2x to 5x.
  2. We help you dramatically increase your circle of connections through our circle of friends feature.
  3. You can directly measure lift from your campaigns contributions and tie it back to your marketing ROI.
  4. Personalized wealth direct campaigns will change the prospecting game, especially in the way you interact with the next generation of prospects.

When packaged well together, this is going to be a new way forward for both commercial and nonprofit organizations. This new and secure platform is unlike any other. WealthEngine 9.0 provides you with new data that are refreshed almost daily; the ability to connect you to nationwide benchmarks; and run predictive modeling and scoring.

I believe that this new approach to prospect management can create a whole new world of engagement for the $30 trillion that will be passed on between generations. I hope you share in our vision that could help shape the future together.

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