Circle of Friends

Amplify Your Database...Exponentially

Any sales professional worth their salt will tell you that a warm introduction to a well-qualified individual is worth a thousand cold leads. Making connections is what drives growth for businesses and nonprofits, so amplify the value of your database by tapping into their connections and social network. WE Circle of Friends, accessible through The WealthEngine Platform, gives you access to an exponentially broader network, with visibility into the social, professional and philanthropic connections of your customers and prospects.


Your Inner Circle

With Circle of Friends, WE automatically creates an Inner Circle to identify those with deeper relationships to your target audience, allowing you to immediately use these relationships in your sales, marketing and engagement campaigns.

The Power of the Extended Network

With Circle of Friends, you can rank opportunities within your extended network of prospects and customers by applying wealth, business, family and lifestyle criteria to each of your connections. The result is a highly targeted list of prospects with the affluence and interests to be your next top customer or donor…with the added advantage of a warm introduction.


COF Benefits

Circle of Friends helps you:

  • Identify friends and associates of the people you already know
  • Create an Inner Circle to identify those with a deeper relationship
  • Apply wealth attributes and wealth scores to better segment and rank order your list, including net worth, total assets, as well as business, family, and lifestyle criteria
  • Put the results to immediate use in sales and marketing campaigns
  • Leverage research and analytics solutions for deeper insight

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