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You may know us as a data provider, but our singular focus is on helping you consistently connect and grow the targeted audiences that can most impact your sales or fundraising objectives.  WE provides a one-stop shop for the digital and direct mail marketing services that makes your marketing efforts count.

“WealthEngine is a fantastic, powerful instrument, like a telescope. Our customer is the top 50% of the top 1% in terms of wealth in the world. WealthEngine gives us insight into the economic power of the consumer, so we can find this exclusive group. WealthEngine gives us insight on who our customers are, and it’s our job to create the message they will respond to.”

“Over the life of our Making History campaign, we have added over 14,000 prospects. Of these, 9,000 have been donors to the campaign. In aggregate these new pool prospects have made campaign commitments of $600 million.”

“As sales and marketing professionals, we constantly have to think of new and different ways to grow your business. Putting WealthEngine into the mix and using it to hone in on our target audience has been an effective approach for us.”

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